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Saturday, October 29, 2016

Jean Raspail’s The Camp of the Saints and Islam

Jean Raspail
The Camp of the Saints
If anyone has not read Jean Raspail’s prophetic 1973 book, The Camp of the Saints, the entire book in English can be read HERE.

In 1972 while visiting one of his wife’s aunts in the South of France Jean Raspail had an office with a view of the sea and one day looking out over the sea he said to himself: And what if they came?

In an interview he further explained: "This they was not clearly defined at first. Then I imagined that the Third World would rush into this blessed country that is France. It's a surprising book. It took a long time to write it, but it came to me on its own. I would stop writing in the evening and start again in the morning without knowing where I was going. There is an inspiration in this book that is alien to myself. I am not saying it is divine, but strange.”

It isn’t so strange now since what Raspail saw in his vision half his lifetime ago has come true with the immigration of millions of Muslims into Europe and his beloved France. Born in 1925, he was 47 at the time of his vision. God has let him live another 44 years–he is now 91–to (sadly) see his prophetic vision come true.

In a 2015 interview Raspail had THIS to say about the invasion of Islam into the EU and France.

And HERE is another interview (2013) with Raspail on Western culture's decline due to Islam.

Conclusion: A vote for Hillary means the camp of the saints venue for America.

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He looked quite a bit like Abe Vigoda.