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Monday, October 31, 2016

Coincidence? Or Warning!

Earthquake in Italy destroys monastery of St. Benedict in Norcia



Is it just a coincidence that this devastating event occurred on the eve of the pope's departure to celebrate Martin Luther and the Protestant revolution? Consider -- Luther's rebellion shook up the Church and had a devastating long-term impact on the whole world. How many hundreds of thousands were killed in the ensuing religious wars? How many souls were lost to the heresies of
Luther and company (which continue today in the tens of thousands of splinter sects spinning off from the original rebels)? How many millions are deprived of the Body and Blood of our Savior because of Luther and his heresy?

Now think about St. Benedict. Like Luther he was a monk and a reformer, but unlike Luther he was a faithful son of the Church. He reformed monastic life to make the Church stronger through prayer, devotion to Scripture and tradition, and sacrifice. On the other hand, Luther attacked the Church especially the pope and treated Divine Revelation with contempt as he removed and rewrote the Bible to agree with his own distorted vision.

So...was this earthquake due to St. Benedict rolling over in his grave as the pope flies off to celebrate the "Reformation?"

Oh, and it wasn't just the monastery that was damaged. In Rome many historic landmarks were affected including visible cracks at the basilica of St. Paul outside the walls. Think about that. St. Paul was a preacher and teacher who evangelized tirelessly and suffered all kinds of persecution because of it. In view of the many papal statements against evangelization (i.e., "proselytizing")  today made by our current pope, one wonders whether St. Paul would be travelling to Rome to rebuke Peter once again.

St. Benedict and St. Paul, pray for us.

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elpine flower said...

My initial thought was that Sts Benedict and Scholastica were both disapproving of the way the Vatican has been headed just as St Francis was when ,after the Koran was honored by a now deceased Roman Catholic Pope with a kiss ,Assisi suffered a devastating quake too!