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Saturday, October 15, 2016

Fr. Tom Collins Reacts to the Wikileaks Emails Insulting Catholics

The recent Wikileaks revelation of the Democratic Party’s efforts to harness the power of  Catholic progressives so as to force the Church to allow her teachings to “evolve” shows a deep disregard for a basic truth, stated so clearly in Hebrews 13:8, “Jesus Christ is the same, yesterday, today and forever”.
Progressive Catholic Democrats, such as Sen. Tim Kaine, find nothing wrong with the Democratic
Party’s efforts to deny this basic truth. They assert that, because a majority of the People of God in the U.S.A. do not seem to accept the Church’s authentic teaching, that teaching is, therefore, somehow defective.

Their perspective, though is tainted with arrogance. First of all, just because the U.S.A. is the world’s only superpower does not prove that we Americans are super-righteous in our moral standards and lifestyles. Through a not-so-subtle form of racism and jingoism, they deliberately ignore the fact that millions of Catholics in Third-World nations both accept and hold themselves accountable to the teachings that are widely rejected in the U.S.A.

Yet, clinging to the idea that might makes right, such Democrats believe their agenda is so superior to the Gospel of Jesus and to the Proclamation of Christ crucified that they feel free to embrace the
progressive strategy of using power, when their premises and logic lack the power of persuasion.

And in order to do so, they feel free to distort language by identifying the authentic teach of the Church as merely the bureaucratic “official” teaching of the Church. In doing so, they tend to treat Jesus as merely a mascot to promote their “social justice” agenda, rather than reverence Him as their Master and Savior.

Their reasoning is also seriously defective in its tendency to identify truth and morality with an alleged “consensus” of the People of God. Here again, they overlook the fact that the Golden Calf at the base of Mt. Sinai was built and worshiped due to an overwhelming consensus of the People of God at that time. Also, a “consensus” of the People of God were compromising and corrupting their covenantal communion with God until Elijah confronted the prophets of Baal at Mt. Carmel. 

Likewise, it was a “consensus” of the People of God and their leaders in the Praetorium of Pilate, which led to the torture and crucifixion of Jesus. Now, in America, that “consensus” of the People of God, now limited to the “prophetic voices” of progressive Catholics under the banner of “social justice”, is seeking to promote such ideas as no pre-born child should have the right to live and the beheading and butchering of babies in utero is a virtuous act that must be subsidized. Ironically, these same Catholics hold that the beheading and butchering of babies in Allepo is an atrocity. Thus it seems that their new “consensus” seem to hold that the barbaric butchering of babies is only wrong when it is not in harmony with the agenda of their new “magisterium”, namely the ever-evolving Democratic Party platform.

Sadly, in the face of the fact that, over the past fifty years, so many perversion promoted by progressive Catholics have led to the disintegration of our character and culture, so many of pastors have refused to address these and other issues, which threaten not only our civilization, but also the salvation of souls.

Just as, two thousand years ago, Jesus was crucified through the “pastoral” guidance offered to the People of God by Caiaphas and their chief priests, so also, in our own situation, many of our pastors in America are allowing the integrity truth to be crucified for the sake of expediency.

It seems that a consensus of progressive Democratic Catholics are demanding that pastors do not preach any of Christ’s inconvenient teachings, but rather preach a more evolved Gospel of tolerance, inclusiveness and amorality.

To them, it seems that good pastoral practice must, in harmony with the politically correct agenda of the Democratic Party, reference 1) the absolute subjectivity of consciences divorced from the truth, 2) an invincible ambiguity, which asserts that truth can never become incarnate in objective morality, and 3) whines of a codependent “compassion”, which obliterates any obligation to admonish the sinner.

May God, in His gracious mercy, pour forth upon all of us the grace of life-giving and life-transforming repentance.

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elpine flower said...

Sadly Mr Trump went to speak with Cdl Dolan. He appears to have the same views as Hillary.