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Saturday, October 22, 2016

The Trashing of the West: What Hillary Supports

If Hillary wins look at what's coming to Washington, D.C.; NYC; Miami, FL; and other major cities. It's the battle of Lepanto all over again with the Muslims invading former Christian countries with the goal of a universal caliphate. And, sadly, the Catholic Church is enabling the invasion bought by government money to resettle the "refugees" who are mostly young men of military age.

Hillary Clinton embraces George Soros’ ‘radical’ vision of open-border world

See what open borders means to the West by watching the video below. Note that the most popular name in England for baby boys today is Mohammed. Also note the discussion of the "rape epidemic" in Oslo where 100% of rapes were committed against Norwegian women by non-Norwegian immigrants. It's an invasion and it's turning the West into a third world nation with all its squalor, corruption, and crime. 

In 1975 Jean Raspail wrote a prophetic novel, Camp of the Saints, depicting what's happening today with the invasion of the West by millions of third-world refugees seeking "paradise" and escape from their own rapacious governments. The difference is that the refugees in his novel were poverty stricken families from India. The invasion today is mostly young, strong men who come in as the beachhead and then will demand entry for their families. And many, if not most, are Muslims from Africa and the Middle East who support a world-wide Muslim caliphate! What does that mean? The death and enslavement of Christians. Read history, especially the 20th century genocide of the Armenian Christians. 

No country can survive such an invasion and retain its character. Is it racist and hateful to expect our government to protect our Western culture? No! In fact, the government has an obligation to protect the interests of its citizens, control immigration to protect the character of the country, and expect the "welcomed stranger" to assimilate -- like the immigrants of old who were indeed part of the "melting pot" of America. Today, the Muslims come, not to assimilate, but to transform. 


M. Prodigal said...

Men. Ugly rabid men. Ugly pagan barbarian horde. The eyes of the leaders are blinded and that does not mean they themselves will not be raped, tortured, or beheaded. How to stop the flow? It is already way way too late. Civil war and blood bath ahead. The few children are in danger. The women for all their feminazi stance are in danger and the men are emasculated. Women leaders have allowed this, socialist leaders have allowed this. Stupid clergy who do not recognize an enemy have allowed this.

Unknown said...

Response to M. Prodigal;

The clergy is not stupid. Rome has been taken over by infiltrators as it was announced. You do not receive the enemies of your race and your religion inside your own home when you have little girls, but these traitors want the Catholic Church destroyed and since they can't get that in civilized manners they have gone back to what caused the necessity of the Crusades. For years we heard in the schools that the Crusades were bad and the Catholic Church of then was a monster, didn't we heard this? What did we do about it? NOTHING. Now we are back to those times... The Crusades begun as a defensive organization. Men offered themselves to go encounter the Muslims BEFORE they get to towns BECAUSE it was happening that when they got in, the killed the men, they took their women for themselves, and they made their little boys to become fighters for Islam. Does this sound familiar? This is exactly what it is going TODAY.

Beside that, regarding Islam, also there is a false concept of charity in today's world and America promotes it too: to give all rather than give the tools for people to work. I see this every day. The things you give to people are soon in the dumpsters because they give no value to whatever they didn't work for. There are serious things to be changed in our society and the first is to re-educate our youth in true Christianity.