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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Gingrich is Right! Megyn Kelly is Obsessed with Sex (and her looks).

Did you notice Kelly's attempt to manipulate Gingrich and her rude and dismissive talk about his "anger issues"? It was unprofessional and nothing but an ad hominem attack. It's what people without integrity do when they're losing an argument. But who was the angry one? Kelly was shooting serious daggers out of those baby blues (or browns -- They say she sometimes wears blue contacts.) Gingrich was exactly right when he said Kelly is fascinated by sex. She's on tape laughing and exchanging crude sex talk with Howard Stern -- about the size of her breasts, the size of her husband's penis and having sex during pregnancy. [Warning: the article contains an embedded video of the Stern interview that is crude and offensive and illustrates Kelly's trash talk.]

One of Kelly's tamer photos. 
Megyn Kelly is biased and her show, The Kelly File, is entertainment media. Put her on E because she is certainly no journalist and is clearly in the tank for Hillary. Her performance at the early Republican debate caused one writer to ask, "Does Megyn Kelly’s GOP debate performance demonstrate that she is an upwardly mobile careerist out for approval from liberal-dominated television networks where she could land a future, higher-paying, and more influential gig?" She certainly wasn't interested in informing voters. I suspect she was probably already shilling for Hillary by stirring up the candidates to attack each other. Watch for invitations to the White House if the evil woman is elected. Won't Bill love that! If I were Megyn I wouldn't sit next to him at the dinner table.

Hillary's got her own sordid sex history but you won't hear about it from Megyn Kelly. In her first criminal case, Hillary trashed a 12-year-old rape victim to get the child's rapist off with two months time served. She knew he was guilty, laughing on tape that he passed a lie detector test which eliminated her confidence in lie detector tests. She got damning physical evidence suppressed and accused the little girl, among other things, of being a tramp who wanted to have sex with adult men. (The child was a virgin when the rape occurred.). Hillary took it upon herself to control Bill's "bimbo eruptions" in the same despicable way, attacking all his accusers and labeling them liars and trailer trash. And Megyn Kelly has the gall to talk about how concerned she is for women? Certainly not Bill's victims or the millions of tiny women murdered by abortion, Hillary's sacrament.

Kelly says Bill isn't on the ticket, but that begs the question. At best Hillary was a cooperator and enabler of Bill's sex abuses. He is clearly a sexual predator, and she did everything she could to minimize his sex abuse, cover it up, and blame and accuse the women he assaulted. Monica Lewinsky recently began talking publicly about the impact of her seduction and public humiliation and yet Bill walked away scot-free which seems to be the status quo if your name is Clinton.

And it continues with Hillary. Trump's ten-year-old locker room talk is news, but Hillary's involvement in the sex abuse cover ups or the rape case or the way abortion exploits women isn't news, certainly not for Megyn Kelly. It might make her candidate look bad. After all, she's referred to Trump as "Voldemort", the Harry Potter villain. Does that make Hillary Hermione, a heroine fighting evil? (Have you stopped laughing?) Now, I ask, is that unbiased journalism?

And while we're talking about bimbo eruptions -- well -- google Kelly's name and look at some of the photos. She did a shoot for Gentlemen's Quarterly in 2010 which is nothing but soft porn. Is that what we expect from serious journalists? Obviously, Kelly has no problem flaunting her body. And, let's face it, her looks haven't hurt her career! But that's another story.

The Kelly File pretends to be an unbiased analysis of breaking stories when it is pretty clearly an editorial promotion of Kelly's opinions. The show makes a mockery of the FOX slogan "fair and balanced". Anyone who believes that needs a reality check. Megyn Kelly illustrates exactly how unfair and unbalanced FOX is.


elpine flower said...

Is Megyn Kelly "fascinated by sex" Like newt states?
Hmmmm, it sure looks like she used it to sell her own persona !

Chriss Rainey said...

Megyn Kelly identifies herself as a Catholic, which I find surprising. She is divorced and remarried. She has also supported charity causes and events that promote and glorify gay marriage. As a mother of three young children she has posed for a sexually provocative layout.

As one of the journalists on the panel at the first debate, I think she thought she would be doing the party and the world and most especially her own self a favor by taking out THE DONALD with her initial gotcha question. She failed. Trump prevailed and she's been hoping ever since for him to lose. She hated the fact he became the candidate and she is now HATING the idea he just might win.