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Sunday, October 9, 2016

Did You Catch This Article? Is Heaven Trying to Get the Pope's Attention?

On the Feast of the Rosary, anniversary of the Battle of Lepanto against Islam, St. Peter's is Struck by Lightening

Islam is evil. Europe is dying because they are overrun. Sweden and other European nations have an increasing numbers of "no-go zones" (or "semi-autonomous sectors") where police leave the non-Islamic citizens, especially women, at the mercy of Islamic gang violence. Can you imagine your 11-year-old daughter being kidnapped by an Islamic child-stealing ring and the police refusing to do a thing about it? That's what is happening in Europe and we are likely to see it here as the Muslim invasion continues aided and abetted by the Catholic bishops who get millions from the government for "resettling refugees." See more here

1 comment:

wife said...

Yes, Obama and company have set the US up for the same kind of problems faced in
Sweden and the UK. For copious examples, the blog "Bare Naked Islam" is the best one I've found.