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Sunday, October 23, 2016

MuslimFest! Yay! (?)

Buy a hijab and look
everyone else! Muslim!
Do you think that European cities are having MuslimFests in France, Germany, Sweden, Belgium? Maybe England?

Canada is indoctrinating Canadians into Islam to the point where Toronto Islamist, Taha Ghayyer, said “It is certainly possible to implement Sharia Law in North American society.”  

But then it would not be a North American society OF North America, even though it was IN North America. It would be an Islamic society IN North America carrying out Islam's primary goal to turn the entire globe and all its people of every race and religion into Muslims under Sharia law and Islam's god, Allah. (And all food would be Halal, that is sacrificed to Allah. There would be no liquor, beer, pork, barbecue ribs, bacon, pork chops and so on down the line unless it was in accordance with Islamic culture, Sharia law, Muhammad and Allah.)

Ride 'em cowboy! Oh, wait.
Liberal politicians (such as Hillary) continue the lie that Islam is peaceful and that all religions can get along if we try to understand each other. Instead, most people understand that liberals are blind to evil because, being on the dark side, whatever light they may have had in the past, has been taken away (Mark 4:25). Therefore, they cannot see the evil because they dwell in it.

Creeping Sharia is a website that ALL Christians, especially Catholics, need to read at least a few times a week. Most of the articles there are never reported by the MSM in order to hide the onslaught of Islam...slowly oozing it's dank sludge into every society and soon covering over the earth. 

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