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Friday, October 27, 2017

Dan(ica) Roem and His Record of Bad Judgment

Dan(ica) Roem all dressed up in the Empress's
new clothes and ready to play heavy metal at the
Mad Hatter's tea party. (Don't drink the tea!)
Check out Bob Marshall's new ad exposing Dan(ica) Roem's bad judgment. I'd say Roem's first act of bad judgment was rejecting his God-ordained sexual identity as a male to play dress up as a female.

If he were pretending to be Helen of Troy or Cleopatra everybody would say he was crazy and call for him to be mentally evaluated. But because our culture has gone insane, he can pretend to be a woman and people shake their heads like bobble-head dolls. "Oh yess, he feeeeeeeeels like a woman so he must be one. That thing dangling between his legs or disposed of with the medical garbage is a figment of your imagination."

 After all, only the wisest and smartest and most politically correct can see Empress Dan(ica)'s "new clothes."

But Bob Marshall is a man of truth and integrity and refuses to play the game. Do we want a game-player in Richmond's House of Delegates who's a darling of the Mad Hatter's Tea Party (aka Democrats).

Love the truth, speak the truth, do the truth. Vote for Bob Marshall on November 7th if you're in his district. And if you aren't, you can still make a last-minute donation to help fight the good fight! Above all, please pray for him and for our state, the birthplace of freedom and the home of presidents. May God protect us from the family-wreckers.

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