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Saturday, October 28, 2017


If you think the transgender male running against Virginia State Delegate Bob Marshall in Prince
William County is a serious candidate for public office, think again. This confused and seriously disturbed individual is a grandstander and exhibitionist of the first stripe. I'm not posting the video embedded in the article below and if you watch it be prepared for a disgusting exhibition. But it should make you aware of how serious the situation is. When the Democrat establishment supports a person like this as a serious candidate for public office and pours buckets of money into his coffers...well...what can one say...except that they really are the "demon-crats" some call them.

Think about the legislation this individual will impact, the social issues he will promote. We're all aware of the bathroom wars, but that's just the tip of the iceberg. Think of the schools using your kindergartners in a social experiment promoting homosexuality and same-sex marriage. Think of the promotion of "safe touch" programs that groom children using explicit "cartoons." Dan(ica) Roem is a clear and present danger to families and one can also expect him to promote legislation persecuting those "bigots" who cling to their Bibles and their guns.

The article below gives a picture of Dan(ica) Roem that the mainstream media is avoiding like the plague. Read it, watch the video if you can stomach it, and then support Bob Marshall against this darling of the liberals. The author demonstrates exactly how evil the Democrat party has become.
Danica Roem, the transgender Democrat running to unseat Del. Bob Marshall (R-Prince William), claims over and over that she’s not running on the possibility of being the first transgender legislator in the United States. She claims her run is all about transportation issues, and education, and jobs.

Hogwash. Roem has made her transition from male to female the centerpiece of a bizarre campaign almost entirely devoid of substance. It’s almost as if Roem is trolling the entire progressive movement in some sort of performance art act in which sees just how outrageously ill-informed and politically ignorant she can be while still garnering knee-jerk support from Democrats from across the country simply on the basis of a decision to identify with another gender. Is competence and the right character important for an office holder? Is an innate understanding of policy and procedure key to the effectiveness of a legislator? Or is fashionable “victimhood” all that matters? Roem is the embodiment of the dangerous progressive project to elevate identity politics over literally everything else, regardless of the consequences. Read more...
Most of Roem's money comes from LGBTQ individuals and groups outside Virginia. Just one example: he received $115,000 from Chris Abele of Milwaukee, county executive and the privileged son of millionaire John Abele, co-founder of Boston Scientific, a medical device company. Roem bragged that he raised over $112,000 in July, the month he received a $50,000 donation from Abele who chairs the Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund. Really? Read his donation list and see how much outside money from LGBTQ groups is pouring into his campaign.

Dan(ica) Roem: it's not
about Virginia!

This race is all about politically correct identity politics and the promotion of gender insanity. The Human Rights Campaign (an extremist homosexual lobby group) is providing much of the legwork for Roem. These are not Virginia voters for the most part.

Bob Marshall, on the other hand, is a grassroots candidate who has frequently been undermined by the establishment Republicans in his own party. He wins because the little guys get out the vote for him. It's time to give the establishment of both parties the boot!

Please pray for Bob and support his campaign in any way you can -- with prayer and fasting most of all, but then money, yard signs, and volunteer work.

I've known Bob and Cathy Marshall for over forty years. They stand for the values that made this country great! We need Bob in the House of Delegates. Let's send him back and show the carpetbaggers Virginia's not for sale!


Susan Matthiesen said...

Dan Roem got his start in the transgender world in 2005 when he won his university's "gender buster" in a drag show. ('s a plan to indoctrinate young impressionable college students into the world of drag that universities hold these drag shows.) He says he loves to be the center of attention. My guess is he's of course not really ever wanted to be a woman - it's merely another way to glide into the spotlight when his own thrash band man self was waning. He had to go one step farther to remain in the spotlight.

Then he went - led by the LGBT elites - from the world of thrash metal to being manipulated to run for government. He says if President Trump with his background became POTUS, then he, Roen, can also be in government. (He has no clue except what his handlers tell him.)

He has no need to be qualified or knowledgeable at all to be a candidate for government. The LGBTQ agenda big wigs will tell him what to do. He's merely a pawn and they will play him as they see fit. They glitz him all up in sparkly ads to garner sympathy for "poor downtrodden" transgender people and the public has been so brainwashed in public school inanity that they fall for it.

The Democratic party has banned God therefore obviously they search for demonic candidates. If Roem wins, watch - he will invite his favorite band, Cannibal Corpse, to celebrate on the Senate floor. Cannibal Corpse has cartoon pictures of heavily pregnant women to be eaten....abortion anyone?

Read this article and weep for our country. No...rather read it and get angry that we have let evil go so far in this country without doing a thing to stop it. Yes, half the nation rose up and voted for the one man who is trying to restore sanity to this insane nation, but why did we let it go so far as to now be on the verge of civil war? God help us.

Susan Matthiesen said...

PS...Not that many people haven't done anything. Of course they have...Defend Life, Catholic Media Coalition, Christendom College, etc. People have fought and fought. But the majority of citizens are absolutely clueless, so clueless that they vote for the evil that is being fought against.

I know...the media is on the side of evil, etc. That's one reason I love President Trump's tweeting. He goes over and around the media directly to the people.

Susan Matthiesen said...

Roen graduated from St Bonnaventure University in NY which would be the place he was indoctrinated into drag.

Mike Hadro said...

Please pray for Bob Marshall, and all persons of faith and integrity who place their lives and honor on the line on our behalf. Join Seton School in a Holy Hour to pray for the election at 7PM on November 5th. Also, All Saints Church has Adoration in the Chapel from now until the election. Mother of Mercy pray for us.