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Sunday, October 22, 2017

Dying for Your Delusion!

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Woman dies after botched transgender surgery

She was born a woman, Rebeccah Elizabeth. But she wanted to be a man so she changed her name and then started going through all kinds of medical gyrations to turn her female body into a bad imitation of a man's. Part of that included the surgery, a hysterectomy, that killed her. A beautiful 25-year-old woman with her whole life ahead of her died for her gender dysphoria. She felt like a man, and was determined to make her body look like a man's. She would still be a woman biologically since that is unchangeable, but she could play dress-up more convincingly.

Delusions can kill. Feelings can kill.

Many people act on their feelings of deep depression by committing suicide. Some run away from their feelings by abusing alcohol or drugs. Some act out their feelings of rage by abusing their spouses and children. Delusions and feelings can destroy lives, not only the lives of the deluded, but their circle of family and friends. How many are mourning for Rebeccah and wishing that she could have accepted who she was -- a woman made in the image and likeness of God.

Rebeccah, also known as Rowan, died because she "felt" like a man in a woman's body. Nothing she did was going to change her reality. Every cell in her body proclaimed her womanhood. So why did she hate herself and who she was so much that she wanted to become a man? And why did she demand that others, who might have different feelings from hers, enter into her game?

We live in a delusional society where many of the deluded demand us to enter into and share their delusion.

They demand that the laws of our country impose their delusions on all of us. If you don't call me by the right pronoun, I'll report you to the thought police. If you refuse to allow me to legally change my name to the sex that conforms to my feelings (if not my physical body), I'll take it to a higher court until I find a judge who's playing the game. If a doctor or hospital won't cooperate in mutilating my body to make it conform to my mixed up brain, I'll sue. No one will be allowed to say me nay.

And that's why I urge all Virginia voters to refuse to play the game currently going on in Northern Virginia where a transgender man dressing up like a woman and running on his delusion is trying to unseat Virginia State Delegate Bob Marshall. If you live in Bob's district please get out and vote for him. If you know people who live in his district, ask them to support him. No matter where you live you can send him a donation or make phone calls or do something to help him win. The Washington Post is playing the game, pushing Roem's candidacy. Don't let them do it. This delusion is especially dangerous to children! 

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