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Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Nothing Says "Sweden" Like a Mosque

Shhhh! Don't say anything or give multiculturalists any big ideas, but I bet that by this time next year Hasbro will have rolled out a new Monopoly game just in time for Christmas. It will integrate America's Islamic founding fathers (per Obama) into this all-American game with Zakat cards to replace Community Chest, a few tiny plastic green mosques to sit alongside houses and hotels, and a tiny gold scimitar token. Players will "Go to Jail" for the crime of Islamophobia.

See, that's how easy it is to integrate Islam into our culture. "Just do it!", as the saying goes. Just go around and put Islam into everything - our children's school curriculum, Islamic studies at universities, Islamic postage stamps, hijab fashions in malls, importing millions of non-integratable Muslims. Islam forbids Muslims to integrate into a non-Islamic culture, therefore host countries have to do it for them by integrating Islam into the host county's Christian culture. This strategy will not work, since Islam's objective is to turn the host country's Christian culture into an Islamic hell-hole - the prime example being Saudi Arabia, a non-multicultural and non-ecumenical society, which has no Christian heritage postage stamp with a cross or Cathedral cupola. No Christian anything, since Christianity is forbidden in that Islamic country. See! It doesn't work both ways with Islam. 

Since 2001 the US has had an EID Islamic holiday stamp to celebrate the end of Ramadan. OK. Fine. There are plenty of good Muslims who celebrate their holiday without doing so by slaughtering infidels for their sacrifice to Allah as is normal Islamic activity seen across Europistan these days. 

However, a perfect example of a host country doing the duty of integration for refugees who will never integrate and forcing another culture onto their own citizens, by integrating Islam into their former Christian culture, is Sweden. Or Swedenstan. One of five new Swedish stamps, "contemporary art in miniature format," portrays a Swedish mosque, which is so culturally indicative of Nordic heritage, right? This is pure pandering to Islam and Muslims which/who will never integrate - so Sweden must do if for them. "Here's your own postage stamp and that wonderful Islamic family arrangement - polygamy - is the new Swedish family format."

You really must watch the video below promoting Islamic polygamy in Sweden, dutifully supported by Swedish taxpayers. Note the subjugated and silenced first wife and how the multicultural Swedish feminist, praising polygamy, treats her like a child. The first wife must have been a child bride for she looks far too young to be the mother of 3 children, one of which looks half her age.

The Syrian "refugee" Muslim has two wives, nine children and is going to marry a third wife who is Swedish. He receives 735 euro in government welfare for each wife and his nine children. The two wives live next door to each other. The migrant explains that "in Syria this was not a problem [but you're not in Syria NOW - you're in someone else's country!], and that a man could marry three to four women". 

A harem! How nice for him. He can thoughtfully decide which woman he will have sex with that night - what type of sex each woman can or will be willing to offer him, or that he can demand from them - or he can go from house to house and have sex with each wife all in one night, because after all, he doesn't need to conserve energy for work the next day. He says he isn't allowed to work in Sweden. [but...but we thought the reason Europe is importing migrants was because their own work force, due to their own low birth rates, needs boosting]  

Therefore he lives to have sex with his multiple wives and propagate children while collecting Swedish welfare money to turn Sweden into an Islamic culture. He's known in Sweden as a "culture-enricher."  While I sympathize with the first wife, I have zero sympathy for Sweden's suicide.


Chriss Rainey said...

Obviously there has been sex in these relationships or there would be no children. What bothers me is the appearance of a total lack of respect and affection between any of the adults. These are not marriages, they are unions that result in offspring. They may as well be barnyard animals. Did you notice the little child kiss the baby? We have a natural desire to bond and express love, but it seems to me growing up as they do it is brainwashed out of them. Absolutely horrible.

I think frankly they are in a good place. Sweden deserves them.

J. Ronald Parrish said...

We need a St. Pius V.

Hans Georg Lundahl said...

To the honour of Swedish caterers to Islam, the secularist culture (atheist and feminist) is by now also a hell-hole.

Try to say that a women who marries should be a mother (let alone from time to time actually cook for her husband), there are feminists who will consider you as a traitor to Islam. Or were before these new pro-islamic directives came.