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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Tomi Ungerer and the Evil Loving Left - My First Introduction to Their Agenda for Our Children

This is the first edition cover of Oh, How Silly!, a child's book of poems selected by William Cole and illustrated by the porn cartoonist Tomi Ungerer. Later editions have a less offensive cover, although they too are contaminated with the filth of Ungerer's drawings. Two years ago the Huffington Post referred to Ungerer as "the world's darkest children's illustrator" whose works are "dark, abnormal and frightening, even for many adults" ... the same Tomi Ungerer, "whose world knows no borders" where "far out isn't far enough" and who was, true to the form of the Left, appointed by the European Council (which sets the EU's policy agenda) as first Ambassador for Childhood and Education.

My children are grown now but when they were in a public elementary school in Virginia one of them checked this book out of the school library. When I saw it I was horrified because it isn't "silly" for a man to be holding a cocked and loaded gun pointed into his ear with a route through his brains to a target on the other side of his head to commit suicide. (school shootings today?)

Equally horrifying are the contents of this book. One poem is, "Willie Built a Guillotine" by William E Engel - "Willie built a guillotine / Tried it out on sister Jean / Said Mother as she got the mop: / 'These messy games have got to stop!' " Tomi Ungerer drew an accompanying picture for children to absorb into their minds of the Mother sweeping up her daughter's bloody head, as if it's all in a day's work for a mother to clean up after her children's "silly" murderous actions. I searched for that drawing on the Internet however it's nowhere to be found or else I would have posted it here for you to see.

There are other poems and drawings, all leading children to evil behavior - a page boy looking down a king's pants/homosexuality; a man fallen on the pavement with a broken neck presumably from his pals yanking the net from under him when he jumped from a burning building/deceit with deadly consequences; a doctor who is the "terror" of a small town driving his car at a "homicidal pace" mowing people down - but he's such a nice guy that he treats them before they die/hmmm...mowing people down with a vehicle - Islamic terror? Below are a few pages from the book - all three about brothers killing their sisters, in the most Islamic way, I might add. - honor killing, beheading and crucifixion.

The next school day after finding the book on the kitchen table, I took it to the vice-principal (because the principal was conveniently otherwise occupied). He told me to make a formal complaint which consisted of writing a detailed letter, making 3 copies and sending it to the principal, the elementary school supervisor and the librarian. I did that, then they formed a committee (I was never invited to voice my concerns in person), had a discussion and made a decision. I have kept a file on this all these years. I don't have a copy of my letter but here is their letter to the County School Superintendent with their professional decision:

"The committee to review the book Oh, How Silly!, a book of poems selected by W. Cole and illustrated by T Ungerer, met on Friday, May 25 at 9:00 a.m. The following persons served on the committee: (name) Elementary Supervisor, Chairperson; (name) Principal; (name) Librarian; (name) Teacher Resource Center; (name) Elementary Teacher. All members of the committee read the book prior to the meeting.

"After considerable discussion of the merits and demerits of the book, and a careful consideration of the objections stated by Mrs Susan (my last name then), the committee reached the decision that the book should remain in the library. The committee vote was four in favor of leaving the book in circulation and one abstention.

"It should be noted that the book will remain in the nonfiction section of the library which is utilized almost exclusively by upper grade children. A check of the circulation of the book indicated that it had never been checked out by any primary level children.

"I wish to commend Mrs Susan (last name then) for her concern over the content of the materials which her children are reading. I, or any member, of the committee would be pleased to discuss the decision with her."

The letter was signed by the county's Elementary Supervisor who was the Chairperson of the committee. I was irate that they had put the book back into circulation so my response was to "discuss" the matter with the vice-principal again. There wasn't much discussion because I walked into his office and announced that my children would never ever go to public school again. Never! This was at the end of the school year so I added for him to not expect to see my children again in his school. Ever! He just sort of smiled. I could read his mind. He was thinking: She'll regret this behavior... this angry outburst. She'll have to eat her words and will be embarrassed when she brings her children in for the first day of school in the fall. Meanwhile I was wondering where else would I send my children for their education for free? In addition, the school was less than half a mile away from our home.

Being a serial procrastinator, 
I mulled over my threat for more than half the summer then literally three weeks before school started I decided it was time to solve the problem. We were not Catholics therefore I went to every protestant school within a 15 mile radius. They all were far too expensive and my children refused to go to the Mennonite school although I thought  it was just the place for them. Since we were not Mennonites my daughter would not have been required to wear a long sleeved dress and bonnet, and my son would not have had to wear long sleeved shirts and pants in 100 degree heat. Even so, they refused to agree.

Stupid picture of Ungerer trying too hard to be "far out there"
The last school was St John the Evangelist Catholic School in Warrenton. I was desperate - it was now a week before the beginning of the school year - so thinking maybe the Catholic school would let in 2 protestant children, I dialed the number and waited.

A NUN who was the principal gasp! answered. I had never talked to a nun before. I gave her my name and said I needed to ask three questions: Do children have to be Catholic to go there, how much did it cost, and were there openings still left in their grades. The answers were no, a totally reasonable price, yes. I rushed the kids into the car and in 15 minutes we were standing before the nun. She told me my children were beautiful. I was so desperate that I whipped out my checkbook to pay tuition before she changed her mind. (Now I could write a book as to why I took my third and youngest child OUT of Catholic school in Florida and home schooled her - but all of you know the reasons for that.)

Not fully understanding, because I didn't know the Catholic view, that is, that we're not supposed to have that sanctimonious "I told you so" attitude, I gleefully called the vice-principal to tell him the good news. "See, I told you so! You'll never see us again. Please send my children's records to....etc etc."

This is merely one true story of how the Left loves to defile our children's minds. "The world's darkest children's book illustrator", a porn cartoonist whose drawings are saturated with sex, nudity, genitalia, witches, beheadings, severed body parts, homicide, fratricide, drugs, anti-woman themes, guns, violence murder and death (look at his drawings on the Internet if you don't believe me... I cannot post them here) was the EU's 2003 first appointed AMBASSADOR FOR CHILDHOOD AND EDUCATION! 

"But...but...but?!" you say. "I thought the Left is AGAINST anti-feminism, guns, violence, murder and death!" Well, they're not - and in addition, this is further evidence that the Left and Islam are on the same side. Their shared goal is the total elimination of Christianity with its Christian culture, faith and morals, replacing them with their own anti-God evil. And they always begin with the destruction of children's minds.


Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Wow! Thanks Susan. I've never seen this evil book, but I've seen (and read) many others including the disgusting Goosebumps series. I love it when people say, "At least my children are reading," as if it doesn't matter if children feed on mental garbage.

Karen said...

I must have missed the post about taking your daughter out of public school. Could you please post the link? Thanks.

Chriss Rainey said...

I read a lot. But when asked by my grandson to read The Little Prince which had been on his summer required reading list I found myself dreading every successive page which to me made less and less sense. What makes this book so highly regarded b others totally escapes me. All I could see in it was a long line of characters that demean adults in general and, I suppose, lead you to think children are as smart and maybe more capable than their elders.

WHY this is on any reading list is beyond me. Drivel.

Susan Matthiesen said...


Possibly you are referring to the comment that I took my youngest child out of Catholic school in Florida? There is no link to that since I haven't posted anything about that experience.

When I said, "Now I could write a book as to why I took my third and youngest child OUT of Catholic school in Florida and home schooled her - but all of you know the reasons for that" I assumed everyone knew why people take their children out of Catholic school in a liberal diocese. Sorry if I was not clear. Possibly I need to reword the sentence to make it more clear.

But...I took her out of Catholic school in Florida because I was tired of having to undo everything she was taught about the Church. One teacher wanted my daughter to become an altar server "because one day there will be women priests." In addition the principal was confused about the Church's "new" teaching on homosexuality" until I made an appointment and charitably educated her. My daughter never knew what a rock of cocaine was until the Catholic school taught it to her in health class along with pictures. The teacher had a fit when I went into the classroom and took one of the health books from the shelf (they were never supposed to be taken home by the children). The teacher said it was a copyrighted book and I couldn't copy any pages. I just looked at her and took it anyway, copied pages and sent it back the next day.

Everyday my daughter saw a secular movie in one class and they had gym, recess, art, music, health, computer and nap time. Every night she had homework and would ask me how to do math problems. I went in and asked the teacher when she possibly had time to teach reading, writing, arithmetic and history with all the other time consuming activities. Told her I was PAYING the school to TEACH my child but I was doing myself it instead. (The last day of school this teacher came up to me and said I had been a thorn in her side all year, but that she had learned a lot.)

Finally I figured out that a lot of money would be saved if we home schooled and that since I was teaching her anyway, I might as well make it official. Seton Home School was the best. She got into Villanova and did her Masters at Georgetown. Of course they will always accept home-schooled Catholic children so they can undo orthodoxy and turn them into liberals. Very sad. All three of my children have left the Faith and I now have 6 unbaptized grandchildren.

Susan Matthiesen said...

BTW - In case anyone is thinking, "Why did you send your child to liberal universities like Villanova and Georgetown?" please know that I was divorced and not the one holding the purse strings. I had no control over the situation. I tried, but lost the battle.

Donna said...

Susan, I am so, so sorry to hear that about your children. My heart breaks for you. My dad left the faith for many years. We had over 50 Masses offered for him and just a few days before he died, he went to confession. Masses offered for the living are so powerful. I will pray for you children.

Susan Matthiesen said...

Thank you, Donna. Your prayers for them are greatly appreciated.

Andrew Nelson said...

Susan, we can only do our part with the help of God to teach our kids the Catholic faith. If we truly gave a good effort, we can only pray they will not stray from the faith as adults.

However, it is hard to raise holy kids today in our ever secular world and liberal Church, as we have lost our Catholic identity. We are continually merging with the world as a Church. Catholic families 60 years ago or longer had the support of the Church against the world as many held fast to their Catholic identity. Now, if you are a traditional Catholic, you are considered extreme by many within the Church. What was once only being Catholic, is now going overboard.

Although, I truly believe the traditional Catholic faith will return. Sadly, many will continue to leave the Church and the traditional mindset will slowly reemerge in the Church. How long will it take, I don't know, but it will happen. But we may have to slide deeper into darkness before we see the light and the error of our world ways.

Susan Matthiesen said...

Thank you for that. I have friends who grew up in NYC decades ago. They say everyone they knew was Catholic then, and the world was their Catholic Church and school, the school gym, baseball games organized by the priests, dances in the school hall. Sounds like heaven to me.

Suppose all I can say is that I tried and pray my children come back to their Catholic faith and have their own children baptized.