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Tuesday, October 31, 2017

You Can Thank the McAuliffe/Northam Administration for This Nut Job Candidate

Nathan Larson, convicted felon
Nathan Larson is running for the Virginia House of Delegates as a libertarian although he's been censured by the party and may have been expelled by now.. (Who would want to claim this nut job?) The former felon would be ineligible to run for office except for one thing. He was among the 13,000 felons whose rights were restored by the McAuliffe/ Northam administration including the right to run for public office. What a gift to voters in Virginia!

Larson wants to legalize pornography and incestuous marriage and supports "breeding top quality girls whose lineage and genetic characteristics can be independently certified," Here are just two loony-tune points from his fourteen-point plan:

#1. Implement capitalistic eugenics, i.e. the patriarchal order in which women are treated as property that can be bought and sold. 
#6. Allow men to spank, rape, or kill the women they own. 
Reading Larson's platform is like a bad joke and I had to check several sources before I believed he was for real. He is!

In 2009 he threatened to kill the president not too surprising since he's a white supremacist. He was tried and jailed for 16 months after assuring investigators his threat was serious; and then put on three years probation

Larson even looks like the poster boy for the ideal Aryan in Hitler's Third Reich.

Now do I think Terry McAuliffe or Ralph Northam would support Larson's insanity? Of course not (at least not publicly). But when Terry McAuliffe put his autopen on the fast track to lift the restrictions on 13,000 felons, there was no individual overview as required by the courts. McAuliffe (with Northam's support) was simply looking for a way to generate more votes for the Democrat ticket.

After all, felons are most likely to vote for Democrats, right?

There is a good reason that restoring felons' rights is supposed to require a serious examination of the character of the felon and the nature of the offense, and Nathan Larson illustrates it. That Terry McAuliffe flouted the law (bragging about what he could do with his pen) and gave Nathan Larson a platform for espousing his evil agenda shows what bad judgment Virginians can expect from Democrats.

This is just one more reason I'm voting against Ralph Northam on November 7th. He was mostly missing in action as Lieutenant Governor and sure can't be trusted to put Virginians first if he's elected. Pass this information around. Virginians need to know the kind of oversight they can expect if they keep the Democrats in office!

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Susan Matthiesen said...

He looks like a latent serial killer.