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Monday, October 9, 2017

Sometimes you just gotta laugh! Especially When the Left is Eating its Own.

Do you think this privileged white girl
cares about black babies murdered in the womb?
When I saw that a bunch of white students participated to shout down ACLU president Claire Gastanaga at William and Mary in the name of Black Lives Matter -- well what can you do but laugh! The ACLU has been shutting down pro-lifers and other conservatives for years. Now one of their reps knows what its like. Good, maybe that will impact their policies.

But the threat to free speech is real.

And it was ironic and ridiculous to see children of white privilege chanting slogans along with their black colleagues against white privilege. Were they joking?

Hey, if they really believe it, shouldn't they give up their slots at William and Mary for black applicants. What right do they have to be accepted instead of a black student?

I really loved, "The oppressed are not impressed" chant. All those privileged college students (black or white) are oppressed? Let's face it. Many of those black students are only at William and Mary because of black privilege. Quotas and black privilege have discriminated against many whites, especially white males. And the black quota system has led to the unfortunate assumption that many blacks aren't really qualified, but achieved their positions only due to affirmative action.

But the biggest discrimination and oppression against blacks is the genocide of black babies. Somehow I don't think Black Lives Matter or the white anarchists who join their movement care about them.

But back to the protest. These students were clearly opposed to free speech rights by those they label "white supremacists" which is apparently any group with which they disagree. They oppose the free speech of anyone except themselves. If these campus protests are allowed to continue by spineless administrators colleges may as well shut their doors. How can a history professor teach, for example, about Christopher Columbus without anticipating a demonstration shutting down the class. Will we have to replace all classes on the founding fathers with studies on Martin Luther King and Malcolm X? Does English Literature need to be dumped completely and replaced by Ralph Ellison and James Baldwin? If debate is dead on campus, really, what's the point?

And the barbarians didn't just shut down Gastanaga's speech. They wouldn't even let students talk to Gastanaga after the discussion was cancelled. They surrounded her and a group of students in what one young woman described as a very intimidating confrontation.

Think about it. All those privileged kids, black and white, attending one of the most prestigious  colleges in Virginia, had the chutzpa to talk about oppression. Oh...but they care about the poor I'm sure. Right!

These are anarchists and the president of William and Mary should pull the charter from the Black Lives Matter group on campus or at least promise to do so if they carry out another intimidation event like that again. And then he needs to follow through.

But it won't happen. These administrators are scared know the adjective. So it's time for parents to stop funding this nonsense. Find a school like the few truly Catholic schools recommended by the Cardinal Newman Society and the few secular or Protestant schools where free speech still exists like Hillsdale, Grove City, and Patrick Henry. Say good-bye to the politically correct institutions stifling free speech and intelligent debate. Diplomas from those institutions aren't worth using in the outhouse.

And check out Tucker Carlson addressing what happened. The mindless response of his guest is a real headshaker. In his opinion, the protesting students shouting down others to prevent their right to free speech was an example of free speech? Really?

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Stabat Mater said...

In Williamburg visiting from New Orleans. After our statue fiasco nothing surprises me. We will be on campus with my 13 yo for music practice. We noticed the liberal presence last year. Their website makes the agenda quite clear. Why any parent spends this amount of money to have their kids indoctrinated a socialist/communist is beyond me!