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Monday, October 30, 2017

Ralph Northam Wants to be Governor of Virginia

This is how he presents himself.

But this is what he and his party support.

Democrats support abortion long after 24 weeks!
In fact, they never found an abortion-killing
they couldn't justify!
There is something particularly evil about a man who knows full well how the baby develops in the womb supporting the little one's murder. Ralph Northam calls it "protecting women's reproductive rights." Those who have eyes to see call it defending the genocide of babies in the womb.

And that's not all Northam supports. He wants to restore all rights to convicted felons including child abusers, pornographers, violent offenders, and others convicted of serious crimes.

Remember when Terry McAuliffe used his autopen to restore voting rights to 13,000 felons. The court said he had to review on a case by case basis? No problemo! Ralph Northam is cut from the same trade for play cloth. The presumption, probably a good one, is that crooks vote for Democrats, so restore their voting rights before elections.

If you're a Virginian who loves God, family, and country, don't let this pro-abortion fraud use children to advance policies that kill children. Vote Ed Gillespie on November 7th. And remember, friends don't let friends vote for child-killing.

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