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Saturday, October 14, 2017

There Goes the Neighborhood! Abortionist Leroy Carhart Moves to Bethesda.

Baby Butcher Leroy Carhart 
Carhart to open a late-term abortion mill in Bethesda

I wonder what the other tenants of the medical building where abortionist Leroy Carhart is opening up a new chop shop will think about their new neighbor. The late term abortionist, a hired hit man, is willing to murder babies all the way up to birth. Talk about giving all doctors a bad name!

And speaking of giving doctors a bad name, Operation Rescue has discovered that his new "medical" facility is not licensed which, under Maryland law, would make abortions performed there illegal.

That, of course, is nothing new. Most illegal abortions, before Roe v. Wade imposed child-killing on the entire country, were done by MDs. Milan Vuitch, the infamous D.C. doctor, did them for years in his basement before Roe v. Wade. He postured as a crusader for women, but his mill was a shop of horrors like Kermit Gosnell's. After Roe, he just moved his shingle to the front after the law changed and continued the same bloody business.  Like Carhart, he killed not only babies, but women in so-called "safe, legal abortions."  In 1984 after WDVM-TV did an expose which won the Peabody Award Vuitch's abortion mill was closed for good.

I was once chained to the table in one of the "procedure rooms" of Vuitch's abortion mill. We saved a baby that day by the grace of God who was born on the anniversary of Roe v. Wade. Talk about an irony or, more likely, a blessing from God affirming the rescue movement that saved her. Today rescue lives in the Red Rose Rescue Movement. Please pray for their success.

Milan Vuitch, notorious
D.C. abortionist
Hopefully the real doctors in the medical facility being polluted by Carhart will put pressure on the building owner to cancel Carhart's lease. Hopefully the state of Maryland will recognize the threat he is to the community and prevent his unlicensed business from even beginning.

And get this -- not only is the facility unlicensed, but Carhart has NO admitting privileges at any hospital in the area. He's a butcher who not only kills babies but injures and kills women. He must be stopped!

Somehow, abortionists seem to be the one class of doctor who can get away with murder with no consequences. But pro-lifers have sent Carhart on the run before. Please pray that they do it again in Bethesda.

Incidentally, it's ironic that Carhart is opening his new killing center in a city named Bethesda since the word means "house of pity or mercy." There is certainly no pity or mercy in Carhart's heart for God's littlest ones waiting to be born (or in the hearts of Planned Parenthood's butchers or all the other abortionists hiring themselves out to kill children). Please pray for Leroy Carhart and all abortionists and their employees that they will be converted and receive God's mercy rather than face their own pitiless judgment which is coming for the unrepentant.

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