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Thursday, October 5, 2017

"They Inspire Joy, Kindness and Wonder."

...from President Trump"s statement declaring Down Syndrome Awareness Month.

Now what will the mainstream media find to criticize about this?

Talk about a group that is targeted by the culture of death. Most Down Syndrome babies never see the light of day. Ninety percent are killed before birth by abortion. I've posted the video below before but it's worth watching again. The weak and vulnerable teach us how to love "with a love so pure it makes your heart break." No, God doesn't make mistakes!


geoff kiernan said...

Ann: Simply superb.... With 20 grandkids I can confirm God doesn't make mistakes. These gems of creation are sent to keep the rest of honest. They really are a gift and a sign of just how much God loves mankind, ungrateful though we be....keep up your good work

geoff kiernan said...

Ann: I took the liberty of sending this through to 'Catholicism Pure and Simple'