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Thursday, October 12, 2017

Sr Lucy had Dentures and an Electric Olivetti

Page 354 from
"A Pathway Under the Gaze of Mary"
The book "A Pathway Under the Gaze of Mary" has several pictures of Sr Lucy that I had never seen before in any other books. With the imprimatur of the bishop of Coimbra, this biography of Sister Lucia was written in Portuguese in 2013 by the Carmel of St Teresa in Coimbra, Portugal. The book's photographs come from the Archives of the Carmelo of Coimbra and also the Shrine of Fatima. I assume the pictures we normally see are from the Shrine and the more rare photos from the Convent's archives.

"Written by the Sisters of Carmel of Coimbra, it reflects their personal knowledge of her daily life and writings, and provides testimonies that mirror the depth of her soul." The English version was translated by James Colson in 2015 with the book being then published by the World Apostolate of Fatima, USA. The nihil obstat and imprimatur for the English edition are pending.

Issue # 1: DENTURES  On pages 299-300 it says: During an exhibition held over several days at the College of Sardao, there was a lot of activity, therefore, more work. Typically when visitors came to stay and needed a room, some of the sisters would give up their rooms for those who came from the outside. It so happened that Sr Dores (Sr Lucy) was asked to give up her room. She settled in a little room where they used to fix the dustbins and brooms. This room has a window shaped like a trapdoor that opened onto the roof. The window was rarely used because it was difficult to close. On one of the nights there was a storm and it was drafty and the rain came in. She went to the corner for more shelter, but contracted a severe flu, with fever and hoarseness. She also got a sore throat and began to have severe toothaches. When her temperature came down she went to the dentist. The diagnosis of Dr. Alcino Magalhaes was severe: he had to remove all her teeth and put in false teeth. The doctor offered to do all the treatment for free. He removed two of her teeth and asked her to return in three days to continue the work.

This took place in February of 1948. Farther down the page it mentions that on "March 5th, having two more teeth removed, she was called to the Bishop's palace..." Therefore apparently she had all her teeth removed two at a time over a period of several weeks. There never was a "false" Sister Lucy. She had had terrible teeth since childhood and the only thing false about her was the DENTURES Dr. Alcino Magalhaes made for her in 1948 before she left the Dorothean Sisters in Pontevedra, Spain and entered the Carmel in Coimbra, Portugal.

  Some people think Sr Lucy always wrote her correspondence by hand. Well, she didn't because at one point
she learned to use a typewriter. Page 354 of "A Pathway Under the Gaze of Mary" has a photo of her typing on it. On pages 343- 344 it says: Besides the many tasks assigned to her, Sister Lucia was always occupied with correspondence that came from all over the world, which increased every year.....She generally responded to everyone, and in a majority of cases sent a card printed in several languages, ensuring her prayers and always including some photos. ... Later a friend and benefactor of the Community offered her an Olivetti. This machine had memory, which for her was a very nice gift because it could delete without erasing and make as many copies as she wanted. Tenaciously, she learned how to use it despite already being in her seventies, and she did it!
          Sister Lucia occupied herself personally with this work until the year 2000. After the beatification of her two cousins, the revelation of the third part of the secret, and the publication of her book, "Calls from the Message of Fatima,"  it seemed Sister Lucia felt her mission was accomplished and she rarely responded to letters that arrived.....By now she felt that she had answered everyone in "Calls." It was a collective response to the fundamental problems of the human person, a catechism to understand the law of God and the primary penance He asked, as she wrote:
          "This is now the penance that the Good Lord asks: The sacrifice each person has to impose on himself is to lead a life of righteousness in observance of His law and desire this to make clear the way for souls, since many people judge the meaning of the word penance in great austerity, but not feeling the strength or pleasure to do it, they lose heart in a life of weakness and sin."

Sister Lucia and Dr Branca Paul
Sister Lucy returned to Fatima five times after 1940. If she was another person, an impostor, her family certainly would have known and would have told the world. The same Lucia, who in 1917 was hounded day after day with questions and who responded calmly and frankly with precise coherent answers, is the same Sister Lucia, who, when interviewed after 1948, answered calmly and frankly with precise coherent answers.

Sr Lucia's personal doctor, Dr Branca Paul, said, "Sister Lúcia was joyful, youthful, humble, obedient, true, frank, transparent and spontaneous, radiating the joy of those who live in God and for God. She was well aware of the limitations and fragility that the human existence imposed on people. She kept in her heart that certainty that was entrusted to her by Our Lady of Fatima “…in the end my Immaculate Heart will triumph." 

In her youth all who knew her said that Lucia was joyful, youthful, humble, obedient, true, frank, transparent and spontaneous, radiating joy. After 1948 she was the same joyful, youthful, humble, obedient, true, frank, transparent and spontaneous person radiating joy.

Teeth can change. People can learn to type. Inherent personality traits remain the same.


susan said...

I simply can't believe that you're dismissing the obvious. The evidence is clear. I challenge you or anyone else to refute what's clearly SHOWN in this article....

yes, teeth can change. BUT, dentures do NOT change an entire face structure. The chin, jaw and nose are the most striking....for God's sake, look at the profiles! Unless she had a massive chin implant, nose bob, and face widening surgery (not to even mention that the first looks very Mediterranean skinned, the second is much fairer. This is not the same woman. period.

Bernadette and Mike said...

She must have had plastic surgery as well then. Her lips, the size of her smile, the direction her smile (real Lucia - up) (imposter Lucia - down) size of chin (one flat - one protruded).

With all the silencing of Sr. Lucia, the 3rd Secret in 1960 and the drastic changes to the Church from Tradition to Modernism - all points to Freemasonic infiltration. The real Sr. Lucia would have spoken against the Modernism that was occurring. The imposter was all smiles although there are written words of discontent sprinkled here and there so that we don't get too suspicious. (Regarding dentures: A Carmelite's vow of poverty would only want what was necessary even if it was given to her for free)

Could it also be that she insisted on being buried at the convent for one year and then moved to Fatima because it would give the authorities the chance to put the real Sr. Lucia there without notice. Reburial? Why? I thought she was a religious of poverty. The article below gives the details that she was buried at convent and then moved later to Fatima - another cost that could have been avoided but was necessary in order to put the real one in her proper place. (I would love for her body to be exhumed! - an incorrupt Lucia that looks nothing like the imposter)

Susan Matthiesen said...

Oh, dear! Wait until you see my post for tomorrow.

Susan Matthiesen said...

Above is a picture of Lucia at age 10, the young face of....

Sister Lucia deceased in her coffin....below

Are all of you who commented so young that you do not know how a face ages yet remains the same?

This is just like Anastasia Nickolaevena Romonov. Anastasia and Anna Anderson were one and the same person. See below.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

You've picked a bad example, Susan. Anastasia's relatives denied that Anna Anderson was she. DNA testing on bodies found in a mass grave in Russia also showed she died in the mass execution of the Czar's family.

Susan Matthiesen said...

It's a great example. Depends on who said it - Her DNA from Martha Washington Hospital in Charlottesville never made it to London. Yes, DNA was tested but not hers. And her Danish grandmother said she was Anastasia. Handwriting analysis and ear analysis were verified, scars in the same place (Anastasia had a mole removed from her back when she was young, AA had a scar in the same place. The soldiers went around stabbing the bodies after they were shot ...Anastasia had fainted...AA had stab wounds on one foot..or maybe it was a shoulder). In addition, Anastasia had Hallux Valgas and so did AA. Kind of hard to fake that.

AA knew things that only Anastasia would have known. Half the family said she was Anastasia, the other half said she was not. Remember the enormous Romanov fortune banked in Switzerland was at stake and AA would have gotten it if proven she was Anastasia. If she were denied her identity, the plan was that the remaining living relatives would get the money.

And only Anastasia would have known what happened to the family in the Ipatiev House in Yekatinburg the 10 days or so before they were murdered when the guard was changed from regular soldiers to a more revolutionary "murder squad." They were all raped and sodomized.

The Ipatiev house was torn down in 1977 and an Orthodox Russian Church built on the spot - Church on the Blood - or rather, Church on Blood in Honor of All Saints Resplendent in the Russian Land.

Look at the pictures on the link above. A face ages, but remains always the same.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Sounds to me like there was a big controversy that was never resolved.

As for resemblances, it's not that unusual to find people who look very much alike. And hallux vulgas (bunions) are the most common foot deformity affecting about 1/3rd of the population. So I don't think that's a very convincing factor. I have them on both feet myself.

I don't think we'll ever know and, actually, it's not a burning issue for me. And it's not central to the discussion here. So I'll drop it.

susan said...

Susan, as for's not a matter of an aging face; it's a matter of a radically DIFFERENT face. Put your foggy glasses down, stop listening to the 'establishment' line, and use your own eyes and reason. This is not the same woman.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

I don't think there is much more to say about this and I don't think anyone is going to change anyone's mind. So I'm shutting the comments off on this post. Thanks to everyone for sharing their viewpoints. We can all agree that we need to pray the daily rosary and do penance according to Our Lady's requests. God bless you all and thank you for your comments.