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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

The Polish People Surround Their Country with Rosary Prayer Crusade

Defending Poland against contemporary Islamic invasion

This is an amazing 7 minute video. Perhaps Americans need to do this along our own border. From 4:13 to the end of the video is an explanation of how the Rosary crusade was planned along Poland's 3,582 kilometer borderline. They are praying to God with the Mother of God for defending Christianity in Poland against the contemporary Islamic invasion.

History lesson: Note the Winged Hussars of Poland at 3:55 - 4:12 on the video.
Battle of Hodow, 1694
There were 400 Winged Polish Hussars against 40,000 Tartar Muslims.
With the odds being 1 to 100, the Polish Hussars won.

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