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Saturday, October 28, 2017

Giovanni Sartori: "Integrating Muslim Immigrants is IMPOSSIBLE"

Giovanni Sartori 1924 - 2017
Giovanni Sartori (d Apr 2017 in Florence, Italy), an Italian political scientist specialized in the study of democracy and comparative politics, said: "Islam is incompatible with the West"
Giovanni Sartori is one of the most critical thinkers on the integration of Muslims in Europe: "Those who do not accept our rules should be placed at the border."
And, "We are in the hands of ignorant politicians who do not know history and have no culture. Their only care is to keep their positions of authority. They spend the day listening to the views of the opposite side and thinking about what answer to give. Therefore nothing is built. There are no leaders and statesmen, and so it goes that the European Union is a poorly constructed building which is collapsing. The situation becomes disastrous as some have believed that they could integrate Muslim immigrants, and that's impossible."

In this long interview, (in English, in Spanish) Giovanni Sartori, ninety-two [a year before his death at ninety-three], one of the leading experts in political science, among the most widely read and studied in the world with essential reference works as "political parties" or "theory of democracy", lucidly analyzes the most topical issues: immigration, Europe, Islam, multiculturalism, xenophobia, religious war, and so on.

Prophetic ideas
With his writings in Florence, Italy - his hometown - and Stanford, Harvard, Yale and Columbia, and with nine laureas honoris causa and numerous awards including the Prince of Asturias Social Sciences (2005) Prize, Professor Sartori has opened great debates: "What is democracy" (1997); "Foreign pluralism, multiculturalism and multi-ethnic society" (2001);  "Homo videns: remote control society" (1998). He published his last book in June, 2015: The Race to Nowhere: Ten lessons about our society at risk.

Severely criticized, his works were received at first with suspicion but many of his ideas and forecasts have proven prophetic. So it is not surprising that, where an excess of tolerance means "deny our culture," half a dozen nude statues were covered in the Capitoline Museums in Rome so as not to disturb the president of Iran, Hassan Rouhani. "It was a farce, reflecting a jerk world that does only what is useful and convenient at the time. A culture is entitled to its principles and its traditions need to be respected."

Immigrant disrespect of their host country is significant, reflecting why things are changing a lot in Europe. Immigration goes beyond the borders of the continent and sets evidence of failure to integrate Muslim immigrants, for instance, their lack of respect for the values entrenched in European culture, such as tolerance and equality between men and women.

On New Year's Eve, 2015/2016, in Cologne and two other German cities, sexual assaults were committed by nearly a thousand young Muslim men, mostly Moroccans and Algerians, on women they met on their way that night. New Year's Eve marking the end of 2015 and beginning of 2016, Germany, which generously opened the doors to nearly one million refugees in the Middle East and other war zones, was tainted by what has been considered a serious episode of confrontation between two civilizations. It became clear that the relationship of Islam with women is a devastating issue and that there is an unbridgeable cultural chasm between rich and liberal Europe and some Arab countries. The data confirms this: according to a survey by the Pew Research Center in 2013, more than 90 percent of Moroccans and Tunisians think the wife should always obey her husband.
To better understand that which represents women in the world of Allah and why women here are sexually assaulted, the Algerian writer Kamel Daoud gives this explanation: "In Islam the woman is denied, killed, veiled, enclosed, and possessed. The woman's body belongs to everyone, but not her, and is not seen as a place of freedom."

Is it possible then that an Islamic immigrant, educated in a culture and religion different from ours, can be integrated, denying our principles as part of their education, their sensitivity? For Professor Sartori, ethical-political integration is impossible: "Islam is incompatible with our culture. Their regimes are theocracies that are based on the will of Allah, while in the West are founded on democracy, popular sovereignty."

Warsaw, Poland - The Polish people know from 
experience what oppression is and want no part of it.

Common sense
What does integrated mean? Angela Merkel has clearly said: "We want immigrants to absorb the cultural foundations of our co-existence", that is, the system of values, rules and behaviors that govern each other. 

However, such a project is at odds with the idea that multiculturalists have tried to impose on the West along their lines of political correctness. That kind of multiculturalism is based on the theory that in a society different cultures can live together without problems. According to Giovanni Sartori, that's impossible. "Multiculturalism does not exist. In our society we have some general rules, principles. The immigrant can do at home what he wants, but now - here - he must accept the rules of the State which accepts him. "

In this regard, note the imam of Cologne, Sami Abu-Yusuf, who in an interview stated that the responsibility for the New Year's Eve sexual violence should not be attributed to immigrants, but to the women who were on the street half naked [not wearing full burqas] and perfumed. The iman is decades in Germany, but has not taken a single step toward the culture that 
has taken him, appearing as an arrogant invader. Can you talk to a caveman seeing a demon in femininity? Professor Sartori is very clear: "Those who are unwilling to accept our rules should be placed at the border to go back to their homeland."

Giovanni Sartori is considered a progressive liberal. When I say that from the left you can criticize their ideas, or see it as xenophobic or conservative, he says firmly: "The left has lost its ideology. They use the word multiculturalism as a new ideology, because the old has died. But they have no idea. They do not know what Islam is. They are ignorant. I do not care about right or left, but common sense. "
The integration of Muslims in non-Islamic societies has not been achieved because, he says, "Islam is not capable of evolution." He cites, for example, India, "where there are 14 million Muslims, very poor and abused. After a thousand years, they resist without integrase, still eternal enemies of Hindus." And closer, Professor Sartori remembers what happens in European countries: "Third-generation Muslims not only are not integrated, but are the rebels. They hate the West because they are unemployed and many are attracted by fanatical Islam."

In danger
The current migration is occurring without an orderly flow, because, apart from having economic motives, it is the result of wars. Before the suspension of the Schengen agreements in some hitherto very favorable to immigration countries, such as Denmark and Sweden, Sartori states: "One can not pursue a policy of open doors, as naively thinks any leftist. It's okay to talk of solidarity, because immigrants can be a positive element for our economy, but we must regulate migratory flows. Whoever enters Europe must have documents, a secure identity."

In short, Sartori argues that "the West and its values are in danger because they are not giving an adequate response to Islamic fundamentalism." Fifteen years ago, in the Corriere della Sera, Sartori said we were attending "an unprecedented war with four characteristics: terrorist, global, technological and religious." Today this is reaffirmed more, seeing the Daesh terrorism: "In a war you have to use every weapon you have at your disposal. We, the West, are assaulted with a terrorist ferocity that our historical memory does not remember. Also, when a suicide bomber, kamikaze by faith, is exploded amid civilians, the confrontation has peaked. "
"Apart from the military component, which is important, but secondary, is a war that is won or lost at home," he adds. It expires if we react to the intellectual and moral losses that have fallen. And you lose if we doubt or forget our values that give substance to our political-ethical civilization. And how will it end? His answer is not very comforting: "We'll see. This is a world that is committing suicide."

The "tranquilismo"
"I am a realist and I have a very clear slogan," he explains: Pessimism is dangerous if leads to or induces surrender; optimism makes evil of the "tranquilismo" which leads to 'not do anything' ".

Professor Sartori is not the only one with this intellectual point of view. Matching his hard diagnosis, European French sociologist Alain Touraine, who just received the Nonino Prize in Italy as "master of our time" said, "The European countries are now unable to fully integrate into the world and global economy. Just got back from California which has impacted me, that is, talking to the Americans, who for them 'tomorrow's world' refers only to US and China. They have abandoned Europe. They do not take us seriously. To them we are just a holiday destination."

Not anymore. Who wants to go to Europe today and risk the possibility of being blown up, beheaded, or run over by a truck? Europe will soon be one giant Islamic hell-hole unless European Christians stand up and fight. Like in the Crusades. But that would take a Pope who understands exactly what Islam is, which PF does not. He likes it! Even loves it! Thinks Islam is a great religion! Abrahamic (not), peaceful (LOL).

So there we have the reason for the existence of Islamic enclaves - no-go-areas - across Europe, Canada and the US. Integration / assimilation is impossible for theocratic political Islam.


    Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

    The only way the "melting pot" works is if the ingredients are willing to assimilate to a common culture. We are increasingly in a hot pot where stones and nails and bullets are major ingredients -- not to mention poisoned mushrooms. If the West doesn't wake up, there will be no West left.

    Chriss Rainey said...

    The older I get the more I believe the pot never melts, it remains a messy stew for generation after geneation. I believe there still exist pockets of the "New England Mentality" that use your immigration history as a litmus test. If you don't go back to the Mayflower, you will never make the grade. There continues to be a prejudice against Catholics in private country clubs, law firms, and yacht clubs. Total idiots get in prep schools and Harvard and Yale and Princeton only because of their family name and legacy.

    New England has been integrated by a small number who have been transferred there, as we were in 1981, but people from New England are far less likely to ever leave for the same reason. They believe not just that NE is a nice place to be, but a "way of life" they could never abandon.

    The reason European immigrants populated the rest of the country is largely because they were viciously rejected by the people in NE. They were forced to move elsewhere to earn a living. Padre Pio's father, for instance, came to PA and worked a few years on a farm so his family at home would not starve. Poles and Czechs and Irismen built tbe RR system across the US, scum that we were.

    I don't think we can expect our citizens to have "shared values" because my values are not those of Protestant NE, but what anyone who comes here MUST HAVE is a respect for the Constitution and authority.

    I think it is extremely doubtful we will ever see this from Muslims who won't ever accept it as a civic duty of their religion to obey the law in any country they inhabit.