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Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Democrat Politics Hits a New Low with Despicable Ad Against Ed Gillespie and His Supporters

The Unibomber was a Democrat. The ball field shooter was a Democrat. Violence against Trump supporters (including minorities) was rampant during the campaign and continues. And now these Democrats have the audacity to imply that Republicans want to murder minorities? Many conservatives are minorities or have minority family members. Our families are the melting pot. And pro-lifers, unlike Democrat abortion extremists, dedicate themselves to saving babies of all colors.

For the party that advocates the murder of children, especially minority children, to use children in this way is truly despicable. This should lose Northam votes, and anybody who votes for him because of it, I call you out as bigots! Blind bigots who let the party that targets children for murder before birth use you as fodder at the voting booth.

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