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Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Halloween Warning! For a Safe and Politically Correct Halloween Follow These Rules.

To avoid public shaming, remember, kids (and adults), these costumes are banned.

  • Creepy clowns (unless wearing a Donald Trump mask)
  • White Disney princes and princesses. They celebrate white privilege.
  • Brown Disney princes or princesses, gypsies, geishas, Indians, etc. That is cultural appropriation and/or racially insensitive.
  • No animals -- That is animal appropriation and what animal wouldn't be insulted by being imitated by a human.
  • Witches. It is insulting to Wiccans and New Agers.
  • No guns, light sabers, pitchforks, swords, knives, etc. They celebrate violence. 
  • No public servants: soldiers, sailors, policeman, firefighters, EMT workers, etc. Unless they are accompanied by a Black Lives Matter figure with arms raised chanting, "Hands up, don't shoot."
  • Nothing that anyone can possibly be offended by. 
Acceptable costumes. Anything that ridicules Donald Trump or another Republican. 

Cross dressing is acceptable and encouraged to teach children that they can become any sex they want. S & M is a great choice for children going out in pairs. One can be the master in black leather, the other can wear a dog collar and chain. Use your imagination. 

Have a safe and politically correct Halloween! 

1 comment:

Ray Schneider said...

Stupidity from the left. They have the amazing ability to take the fun out of everything. Best you ignore them rather than humor them. They are out of touch with reality in any case.