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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Accusations Against Roy Moore Are Unraveling....

Darrel Nelson on the left with the crocodile and
crocodile tears on the right. 

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On his Facebook page, Darrel Nelson, Beverly Nelson's stepson, says Judge Moore was the judge on his mom's divorce case which was dismissed, so when she said she hadn't seen him since the incident, it was untrue. How do you forget that the judge is the guy who attempted to rape you? Especially when you supposedly have his signature in your yearbook? And if the charges are true how do go through a divorce with your abuser on the bench without demanding he recuse himself? Sorry, Beverly, you are looking more and more like a liar seeking revenge as your stepson speculated.

This story gets more and more like a soap opera by the minute. And less and less believable. 

You can check out Darrel Nelson's Facebook page here. And read the comments on this article especially the one posted by "empiresentry" today. It reads: 
I supported Moore...the timing of this 'roll out' and WAPO involvement stinks. The handwriting fake along with putting the D.A. sealed it for me. They copied his handwriting from court records....even copying the D.A. next to his name....thinking it stood for District Attorney. He was Deputy District Attorney....the D.A. stood for Delver Adams who used to stamp court records and initialed them. Dims are always a bunch of fakes.
Well that certainly explains the "D.A." on the signature. A stupid mistake by the dim and dumb Dems.

Roy Moore is a victim of the same Democrat smear machine that destroyed the nomination of Robert Bork and attempted but failed to kill off the nomination of Clarence Thomas. These people really are the deplorables Hillary Clinton talked about. As they say, when she pointed her finger at people like Darrel Nelson and me, she had three fingers pointing at herself.

Which brings me to the old joke. How do you know a Democrat is lying? His (or her) lips are moving. Gloria Allred couldn't read the truth off a teleprompter and anyone she represents is presumably a paid hit person. And remember this. As soon as they destroy their targets, the accusers usually disappear into the slime. Interesting, eh

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