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Saturday, November 25, 2017

Canada's Looking More Like Pagan Rome These Days: But Remember, Christ is King

Sorry, babies, you didn't pass the test.
Canada Legalizes Euthanasia So Parents Can Kill Disabled Children

The law of pater familias in ancient Rome allowed the male head of the family to make all the decisions, even life or death, over the members of the family. Under that law, many babies were exposed on the hills around Rome if they were sick or the "wrong" sex (i.e. girls) or Daddy just didn't want 'em. Today, it's pater or mater familias and the death culture is growing and expanding exponentially to include the already born for any reason or no reason.

I couldn't help remembering, as I read this article, the many debates I engaged in with pro-aborts in years past. Whenever I mentioned the slippery slope toward euthanasia the playbook response came out. "Just because you raise the speed limit to 55 doesn't mean you'll raise it to 70." Yes, that really was the piece of inane illogic I heard over and over again. And here we are. The speed limit was raised to.... well, how fast can a car go?

Yes, indeed, events show exactly how right all the pro-lifers were who predicted the murder of the sick and elderly and even those just tired of living. And now we see "exit" clinics abounding in places like Switzerland and Holland. Hey, there are even mobile murder units that make house calls.

Viva Cristo Rey!
Tired of taking care of your sick or handicapped kid? Depressed? Had a fight with your teenage boyfriend? Fork over the euros and you too can get the lethal cocktail in lovely surroundings with "caring" staff who will hold your hand. They won't joke about you until after you're cold and stiff. You didn't know the death peddlers are real jokesters? The abortion docs and workers turned it into an art form. No doubt the euthanasia movement will have it's own shtick.

So how does a Christian respond to the pagan Romanization of the culture? Look to the early Christians and imitate them, of course. Prepare for persecution and martyrdom, pray unceasingly, and sing a lot. Remember, the martyrs went to their deaths in joy and singing hymns of praise to God. So despite the growing evil around us, let's keep smiles of joy on our faces and songs in hearts.

No one ever said the Christian life was easy. But in the end it's all that matters. As we prepare to celebrate the Feast of Christ the King tomorrow, let's reflect on Lord of Life and recognize that He IS God and we are NOT.

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