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Saturday, November 11, 2017

Is Roy Moore Guilty or Is This One More High Tech Lynching?

Alabama ABC Affiliate Can’t Find One Voter Who Believes WaPo Report About Roy Moore in Man-on-the-Street Segment

There are a few really interesting aspects about this.

First of all, it shows exactly how much trust the liberal media has today. Who outside of the liberal left true believers put any stock in the truth of WAPO? Frankly, I wouldn't use it to wrap garbage. And it's interesting that one of the reporters who covered the story has a history of writing "fake" checks as GotNews reported posing the question, "Does she also write fake stories?" All I can think of is how Anita Hill went after Clarence Thomas while Ted Kennedy chortled how they were going to "bork" him in the same way he and his evil twin Joe Biden lynched eminent legal scholar Robert Bork in 1987. Bork famously replied that he didn't know his name had become a verb. 

Is this deja vu? And is Roy Moore the new target for a high-tech lynching? How can we ever know if it's true or not? If it happened it was 40 years ago and who knows whether the accusers are telling the truth? Who knows whether money is being exchanged under the table? It's a he-said/she said situation and how can one ever know the truth of the matter?

Roy Moore's history is one of suffering for Christian witness. I, for one, have a hard time believing that he'd risk his eternal salvation for public office. I have no problem imagining this is another orchestrated high-tech lynching.  (Both sides hate Moore, the liberal left and Republican establishment and they all want him gone.) Like I said -- it's deja vu


Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Well this is interesting. Roy Moore's accusers look more and more like Anita Hill clones.

Ray Schneider said...

Total nonsense as far as I can see. He made a categorical denial of inappropriate behavior. It is just one more Democrat bimbo eruption designed to attack a candidate. Interestingly they virtually never attack their own for actual inappropriate behavior. This is just one more lie. Apparently the only thing Democrats have is: 1) You're a racist, or 2) you're a sexual molester. Sounds like projection to me.

landshark said...

He dated high school girls.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

That's presuming you buy the story. In view of the fact that the allegations are coming from a Democrat activist among others, I find it hard to credit the story. Democrats lie. Because it all depends on the definition of the word "is." By the way I have nice covered bridge in Shenandoah County for sale if you're interested.