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Friday, November 24, 2017

The Roy Moore Pile-On Continues: Neo-Cons Peggy Noonan and George Weigel Join the Pack

We don't need any facts. If we just keep howling
louder they'll all believe we're telling the truth!
And the braying goes on. Neo-conservatives Peggy Noonan and George Weigel, both Catholics, have accepted as fact the media's biased and distorted reporting against Judge Roy Moore calling the accusations "credible." To me, that's incredible! One would think as Catholics, considering the 8th Commandment admonition against gossip, calumny, slander, and detraction they would withhold judgment since there is no solid proof, just "he said - she said" allegations. But, no, they're running with the pack and braying with the loudest of the howling monkeys calling for Moore's political execution.

And what are these "credible" accusations? The media keep screaming,  "He's been accused by nine women!" but seven of them only said he dated them as older teenagers. Wow! When did taking a younger woman on a date become a crime or a mortal sin?

So let's look at the few allegations that are serious:

  • There were "rumors" that "everybody in Gadsen" knew that Roy Moore was chasing teenagers so he was banned from the Gadsen Mall. Well that would be serious, if it were true, and a piece of hard evidence. Only one problem -- there's no evidence. According to witnesses who worked at the Mall during those years, it's a FALSE narrative. A former mall manager, an operations director, and a security worker all say the accusation is not true. Go here. Strike one!
  • Leigh Corfman accused Judge Moore of sexually touching her when she was only 14. Now that would be child abuse and his denial (if he did do it) would be a lie indicating a lack of integrity. There are many liars in politics, and I don't advocate sending another one to Congress. However, Corfman's story is, not only questionable, but highly suspect. Go here. She was a troubled teen and she is a troubled adult. Her past doesn't exactly establish her credibility. Go here. I thought the point this author makes about the fantasies of troubled young people was worth considering. Think of the hysteria surrounding the Salem Witch trials!
  • Then there's the fact that the Washington Post left out significant details of Corfman's story to build their case to make Moore look guilty. They knew about the custody hearing, but didn't report about Corfman's behavioral problems. In fact, they implied all her problems were caused by Judge Moore's alleged action. But two years later at age 16 Corfman was returned to her mother because her discipline problems had significantly improved. Why did the Post leave that out? Need anyone ask? It didn't fit the narrative. Really, why would anyone trust the Washington Post? Strike two!
  • So...when the original Post story didn't accomplish the political assassination of Judge Moore, notorious lawyer Gloria Allred entered the fray with a new accuser who upped the ante to attempted rape with a yearbook signature that supposedly proved she was telling the truth. Allred has refused to allow an independent analysis of the yearbook which, even to untrained eyes, appears to be a fraud with inconsistent handwriting and two different colors of ink. But now several people have come forward to debunk Nelson's story (including her stepson who says she's a liar). Several waitresses who worked at the restaurant during the same time period (and a police officer who regularly ate there) all question the truth of Nelson's story. They don't remember Roy Moore being a regular patron or Nelson even working there. The dumpsters where she claims she was assaulted were not in the back in a deserted, unlit area, but on the side which was well lit. The diner didn't close at 10 as she said, but 11 and sometimes 12. She claimed she was 15 at the time of the event, but you had to be 16 to get a job there. Nope! Her story doesn't add up either. Go here. Stike three! And they're out!
Are these the "credible" allegations that should destroy a man's reputation and career?

The Salem Witch Trials where an accusation
was equivalent to a judgment of guilt
Shame on Peggy Noonan and George Weigel who are both old enough to know better and experienced enough to recognize the political smear machine at work. When I read their statements attacking Judge Moore and those from other howling monkeys, I immediately thought of the story of Susannah in the Old Testament. She was accused of adultery by two of the Jewish elders because she refused their advances. Their positions made them "credible" witnesses. (Daniel 13) It was Daniel's wisdom that revealed the evil men for the liars they were and instead of the innocent Susannah being put to death, her accusers were. I don't advocate executing Moore's accusers, but a defamation lawsuit seems in order.

Liars are often rewarded, especially in politics. Ted Kennedy, a notorious womanizer, was able to get away with the manslaughter of Mary Jo Kopechne in 1969 and remain in the Senate until his death forty years later. Anita Hill is in the Black History Museum; Clarence Thomas, the victim of her lies, who deserves to be there is excluded. When have the Clintons ever had to pay the piper for their tsunami of lies and lechery? 

I don't for a minute believe the accusations against Judge Roy Moore. He's the victim of a deliberate smear by both the Democrats and Republican elitists like Mitch McConnell who don't want someone they consider a loose cannon to mess with their power politics. 

I pray the voters of Alabama will accord all the howling monkeys the treatment they deserve: muzzles and mockery.


Sally Kuczynski said...

Peggy Noonan knows how to write an article, she is very good at offering her opinion. I use to read her columns, of which she stated she was a conservative and republican. When Obama was running for president, Peggy Noonan changed her tune and said that she was voting for Obama. To me Peggy Noonan is a traitor and ever since she stated that Obama was her choice for president I stopped believing in her and no longer read her articles.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Me too! You put it very well.

Unknown said...

Peggy Noonan is no Pat Buchanan! I have quit reading her too....she can't say enough bad things about Trump!

Susan said...

This strategy of the democrat left is the most economical way to get the democrat elected. You don't need to pay millions in advertising. All you have to do is find some cheap bimbos of the right age who may have seen Roy Moore or somehow been in the same area that he was in at the time, offer them more (untraceable) money than they would ever expect to see in a lifetime (maybe a couple hundred thousand), coach them very vigorously, publish the false accusers' lies, AND BINGO you get TOTALLY FREE and NONSTOP repetition of the calumny from the complicit media, and likely derail the candidate who was going to be the clear winner FOR A MERE FRACTION OF THE COST of running a legitimate campaign. It's obvious the perpetrators don't believe in God nor in judgment! If they don't repent, they will fry in Hell forever for what they've done. They REALLY need our prayers and sympathy. Ugh!

Badcatholic said...

Noonan and Weigel, appear to prefer a baby killer. Their pomposity is sickening.