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Friday, November 10, 2017

It's a Mad Mad World! Most Kids are Confused about Who They Are.and Most Outgrow It!

So don't mess them up!

As far as I'm concerned using puberty blocking meds on kids is child abuse. Of course this child was confused. He was being raised by a single mom. Were there any significant male role models in his life?

I don't blame the mother for his confusion. Single moms have a tough row to hoe. And she must have felt desperate when she feared he was going to commit suicide, but she got bad medical advice and this youngster will pay for it for the rest of his life!

Johns Hopkins stopped doing transgender surgeries for forty years because studies showed no benefit psychologically to the patients.

 Last year, caving to the politically correct era we live in Hopkins decided to repudiate Dr. Paul McHugh's work and resume carving up bodies to match delusional minds. And let's face it, there are many agenda-driven docs who will happily make decisions for their patients for their own benefit like pedophile Dr. John Money who convinced parents to "solve" the problem of a botched circumcision by changing their little boy, one of a set of twin boys, into a girl. He then molested both boys during the ensuing decades of following the case. Both boys later committed suicide. (Read the sad story here.)

The lunacy of our age is taking a heavy toll on the young. Pray for parents. And if you know any single parents, help them out by making them part of your family.

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