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Thursday, November 16, 2017

#LiarsSlanderingJudgeMoore - Press Conference on Beverly Nelson Story

Judge Moore said he didn't know who Beverly Nelson was. Why would he remember her from a divorce court case in 1999 almost twenty years ago?  How many cases does a judge rule on in a year? His saying he didn't know her is a lot more believable than her claim she never saw him again after the incident. How do you forget the judge who dismissed your divorce case?

She, however, claims she hadn't met him again since that night when she was sixteen. But how could she possibly forget him since she was so (sniff, sniff) traumatized by the rape attempt that she's still crying over it forty years later? (Was there an onion in that tissue?) And how come the signature in the yearbook looks like it was copied from the divorce decree including the initials D.A. which we now know didn't stand for District Attorney (Moore wasn't the D.A., but an assistant D.A.) but were the initials of his court aide.

Is that Mitch McConnell, Mitt Romney, Gloria 
Allred and John McCain in the Greek
chorus calling for a Judge Moore lynching?
Nope, this lady's story doesn't hold water and the yearbook with the two different handwritings and the two different colors of ink and the suspect signature with the D.A. after it -- well, it's not looking good for the accusers. In fact, it's beginning to look like collusion and fraud. Now wouldn't that be unusual for the Democrats and their dirty tricks against their political enemies? And since the Republican establishment hates him just as much...where there are plenty of pols who would rejoice if they can just lynch Judge Moore and get it over with.

As for the Greek chorus of these hypocrites, both the  Democrats and the establishment Republican wonks -- they are pitiful beyond belief.

Pray for Judge Moore. He would be a breath of fresh air in the fetid swamp on the hill.

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Unknown said...

These accusations are getting so off the charts that they are losing their credibility!