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Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Do You Know a Millennial Like This?

A Millennial job interview from @TheDanielBrea on Vimeo.

The sad thing about this video is that so much of it is true.
What would you say about a recent graduate who was offered nearly $40,000 for a first professional job and turned it down because she thought she was worth more? Instead she's keeping a low-level, unskilled job with no prospects. True story!

Don't these kids understand the concept of getting your foot in the door and then advancing? I hope this isn't the only job offer that ends up on the table for my young friend. She sure won't get offered another position at that company. Duh!

And here's a totally irrelevant aside: I thought the interviewer looked like Alan Alda of MASH fame. Millennials probably wouldn't know who that is! LOL! My age is showing.


Susan Matthiesen said...

Hilarious! I watched it twice. "Eight in the morning?....I don't even get to Starbucks's until ten." LOL! Then she feels unsafe. But then the world does feel unsafe when one does not have a clue what life is all about.

Chriss Rainey said...

Sadly, I do know young people like this. In some cases they have graduated with the attitude that capitalism is evil and that they can only be proud of themselves if they work in the "not for profit" sector. Others "don't see themselves" working anywhere but a specific location in the USA----southern California, New England, Dallas, or wherever they have decided they want all their dreams to come true. SOMEHOW they expect the dreams will come and find them. All they have to do is hang on to their precollege gig at the kite shop or the bike shop, or the health food store, or take one more hike through Colorado, or one more rock climbing trip to AZ and then maybe opportunity will come banging on their door. And if not, then, maybe they can convince grandparents to let go of some of their wealth to help them start their own business though they have no concept of economics, regulations, or the fact they are more likely to fail than succeed. It just SOUNDS so good, however, to say, "I run my own company." Or, "I work for a company that makes a difference."

I worry a lot about where this country will be in another fifty years when the accumulated wealth of the baby boomers is piddled away by the joggers and yoga lovers who have failed to grasp how hard it was for their parents to sock away that money so their lives would be more secure. When there is no parent or grandparent left on which they can rely to support them or bail them out......, then what? I have a friend who believes the country will divide so severely that we may have another civil war. It will be the have's vs. the have nots.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Whoa Chriss, Those are scary thoughts. We need to get the monks message out big time to this generation. Ora and labora -- pray and work. That's the key to a happy life whether you're poor or rich or somewhere in between.