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Monday, November 27, 2017

Monday Morning and My Meandering Mind

  • I had a weird dream the other night. My dad who died in 1985 was in it -- very real -- so real in fact that my dreaming self said, "He really looks like he's here; this is the most real dream I've ever had." He didn't say anything, but I've been praying for him and the other folks I recognized in the dream: a deceased brother-in-law, my oldest godchild, and a friend who lives on the West Coast. Very strange dream. 
  • Thinking about Advent, I'm starting to get out the Christmas decorations little by little. We'll put up the tree next Sunday and each night when we light the Advent wreath we'll put on a Jesse tree ornament and read a corresponding Bible passage: the sun, flowers, and a few little stuffed animals for creation; apples for Adam and Eve; a Noah's ark ornament; a little baby in a basket (from my doll collection) for Moses, a bundle of sticks and a (butter) knife for Abraham and Isaac, a ladder (from the mouse house) for Jacob, etc. When our local grandchildren visit we'll let them add the Jesse tree ornaments. But we won't turn on the lights until we finish decorating the tree with our Texas grandchildren when they come a few days before Christmas. What a lovely season this is for celebrating the gift of family. 
  • A friend of mine lost everything in Hurricane Harvey. She sent out a letter saying the things she misses most are the ornaments her children made. I think today I'll pull out the boxes of ornaments and send some to her. They won't be the same, but they'll give her a start on decorating her tree. And we have more than enough to share. 
  • I was on a Catholic blog yesterday that I rarely visit. I find it amusing and sad that bloggers who constantly preach about how judgmental other Catholic bloggers are, write most of their posts judging and criticizing other Catholic bloggers as well as priests and Catholic lay leaders with whom they disagree. So often we are quick to recognize hypocrisy in others and totally oblivious to the hypocrisy in ourselves. Lord, please help me to see myself as you see me and to repent accordingly.
Atheists get their anti-God and anti-Trump message joined up.
Meanwhile, the Trumps dump happy holidays for "Merry Christmas."
  • The cultural grinches are out preaching their "hate Christmas message." Don't forget to pray for atheists and other Scrooges and gloomsayers during advent. 
  • I've been feeling sad and depressed for the past few weeks. I think it's that light-deprivation thing. Does anyone have a recommendation for a good light they've used and found helpful?


umblepie said...

Sorry that you've been feeling 'down in the dumps', I think it could well be beginning of winter, dark evenings etc. After all nature slows down in winter, everything has a rest. It certainly affects me, although I find the worst time is probably January. My wife dreams and plans for next year's flower garden, and spring comes that much sooner. Best wishes.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Thank you, unblepie for your kind thoughts. It's sunny here today and I think I will go outside, close my eyes and look into the light. A nice brisk walk would also probably help.

Susan Matthiesen said...

You just need to hop in the car! The "light" will lead you to the nearest thrift store where you can find a treasure. That always helps me!

Lauraelaina said...

Look at the children who are all still here. That should make you smile.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Thanks to all you dear ones for your suggestions. One of the best things to lift the doldrums is the support of fellow Christians. Virtual hugs to you all!