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Saturday, November 18, 2017

The Collection for the Campaign for Human Development: BOYCOTT IT!

Alinsky bucksBut don't ignore it. Put "Alinsky bucks" in the basket to send the bishops and your pastor a message.

And you might also send the week's parish donation to another worthy Catholic charity as a protest for the parish taking up the collection.

I know, I many places the clergy are ordered to take up the collection by the bishop and also ordered not to say a word about it. And don't the priests have an obligation to obey the bishop? Well...yes...and no!

Think about it. Many of the organizations supported by the CCHD are advancing the radical agenda abortion for twenty years from 1997 to 2017.
of liberalism: contraception, abortion, homosexual activity, same-sex marriage, embryonic stem cell research, etc. Many are involved in liberal politics. The CCHD helped to put Loretta Sanchez in the House of Representative where she advanced serious moral evils like

Isn't all that cooperating with evil? And isn't cooperating with evil a sin? And doesn't moral theology tell us never to obey someone who tells us to sin? Even, in fact, if we will be killed -- like the Christian martyrs of Rome and the recusants in England who were ordered to apostasize or worship idols?

That the bishops have continued to support Alinsky organizing since CCHD beginning decades ago. It's Marxist to the core! It continues to be a nauseating scandal of the first order.

Does it do any good? Of course, but millions of dollars in CCHD support evil. How much poison can you add to a "pure" glass of water before it's unwise to drink it?

CCHD is evil. The people in the pews need to stop being patsies who let the bishops pick their pockets to support organizations that hate the Church and what she stands for. Copy the Alinsky bucks and put them in the basket with a note (anonymous if you like) that you are sending your donation for the week to Missionaries of Charity, a solid Catholic college, the Poor Clares, etc. Real Catholics don't give to the CCHD!

I made this video in 2009 so the dates for the collection are wrong, but sadly, everything else continues to be true. A big chunk of change goes to advance evil. Do you really want to be part of that?

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