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Saturday, November 18, 2017

Well that was fast: Dan(ica) Roem's candidacy was REALLY about picking Virginians pockets for transgender surgery!

Delegate elect Dan(ica) Roem and governor elect
  Ralph Northam, a deadly duo for Virginia! "When
the righteous rule the people rejoice, but when
the wicked rule, the people groan."  Prov. 29:2
Pray for poor Virginia, hostage to liberal voters!

Dan(ica) Roem ran in Prince
William County as the champion of fixing roads -- Route 28 in particular. But it appears now that his real first agenda is "fixing" the bodies of transgenders to match their delusions. Is anyone surprised?

And who do you think will ultimately pay for this? The insurance companies will pass the cost of this unnecessary body mutilation to its customers. Pushing the LGBTQ agenda was always what Dan(ica) Roem had in mind. He has no interest in the needs of Virginia's families! This is an invitation to deepen your prayer life for our state and our poor country! With leaders like these, expect the whirlwind.


Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Via Facebook

That’s what this was all about because he can’t do anything to fix 28. Lie lie lie. He was heard at the polls talking about him not having insurance . Bob wrote a great letter to the editor. Sadly though he got nothing but mean and nasty comments from people all over the country.


Steve Cherry said...

I am not surprised at all. If he lies about his very identity, why would he tell the truth about anything else? Well, I hope his supporters finally realize that they have been had when Rt 28 is not fixed.

This is Mary Fran, not Steve