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Friday, November 10, 2017

Gosh! A handful of sensible doctors who don't support body butchery to "cure" delusions.

The entire video below is worth watching, but if you want to spend a few minutes hearing a compelling discussion of "Andy's Story" go to the 8:20 mark and watch for about ten minutes. This doctor makes tremendous sense and points out the disparity between doctors treatment of "tattoos" (Tell parents to warn their children that they need to be considered "permanent" and will scar.) vs surgically and chemically altering kids' bodies, and particularly with puberty blocking drugs, probably make them sterile. Sex change regret is very real. Read more here. Nobody knows yet what the long term results of this social experimentation will be. Serious future health damage is just one likely scenario. Pray hard for the children whose foolish parents let quacks hurt them.

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