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Thursday, November 9, 2017

Just Because the Mouse is in the Cookie Jar Doesn't Make Him a Cookie....

Isn't that Fr. Jenkins on the left?
....and calling yourself a Catholic University sure doesn't make you one!

As my mom used to say, "Actions speak louder than words!" and Notre Dame buried its Catholic identity a long time ago. Theodore Hesburgh was the chief grave digger, but current president Fr. John Jenkins has picked up the shovel and continues digging with enthusiasm.

You remember Fr. Jenkins, right? He's the  university head bureaucrat who gushed and drooled over Obama at the 2009 graduation while he targeted real Catholics for protesting and carrying signs on campus. Can't let those rigid, fanatical Catholics who actually believe what the Church teaches rain on his parade, right?

 A friend of mine from Texas who wasn't with the large protest group in 2009 was picked out from among other sign carriers (who supported Obama) and arrested because of the content of her sign. That, as any first year law student at N.D. could tell you, is an unconstitutional violation of free speech, but hey! She was politically incorrect and politically incorrect speech deserves muffling -- right? And ND has the moola to hire an army of slick lawyers who can do the dirty. Not only that, but, as those supporting abortion always do, they forced Karen to return from Texas at great expense and inconvenience just for harassment's sake. Only then did the university drop the false charges. (Chuckle, chuckle -- We sure taught her a lesson! Now we can put away the brass knuckles.)

But the hypocrisy dig at N.D. just  reached a new depth over the contraceptive mandate. I'll let "One Mad Mom" give you the lowdown...and I do mean lowdown:
Apparently, Notre Dame just wanted the glory all to themselves?!?! 
This kind of turned out as we thought, didn’t it? One would have to conclude that Notre Dame only joined in the fight against the HHS mandate for fundraising reasons at this point. “We want to look as persecuted as the Little Sisters and have people rally around us, too!” That was our guess all along. Sorry to you who wasted money donating to ND for that. (Continue reading here....)
As Mad Mom points out, N.D. happily cooperates with evil. They just didn't want to be forced to do it when they could do it voluntarily and Wow! It's the best of all possible worlds, because they can still give their employees drugs, plugs, and inserts (including those that kill children) without having to pay for it. Woopee!

Some of the good guys at N.D. are long gone. Eminent legal scholar Charles Rice is dead. Ironically he and notorious Theodore Hesburgh died within hours of each other. One wonders whether they stood before the heavenly court side by side and how the verdicts went: faithful apostle vs. Judas.

Noted professor, Fr. Bill Miscamble, is still at Notre Dame but was muzzled in 2015 and forced to dissociate himself from a project to help students find an authentic Catholic education by careful course selection from solid Catholic professors. The fight for Notre Dame goes on, but clearly the secularists, including those in roman collars, dominate the field.

As a parent and grandparent I wouldn't give a plug nickle to N.D., but for Catholics already at the university (who don't want to lose their faith to the gravediggers) the website is a an absolute necessity. Alice von Hildebrand worked for years at Hunter College, a secular institution, amidst persecution and attempts to undermine her teaching. I have a friend whose life was literally saved by her courses which promoted the truth over secular relativism. So good teachers can still save students even while they teach in faux "Catholic" graveyards.

Pray for Notre Dame and all the students who go there and especially the teachers, like Fr. Miscamble, who are still witnessing to the truth alongside zombie professors doing all they can to bury the Catholic faith. 

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