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Friday, November 17, 2017

"The Devil Resides in the Vatican." Fr. Gabriel Amorth

In 2010, the pope's exorcist, Fr. Gabriel
Amorth (RIP) said, "The devil resides in the
-- and that was before Pope Francis!
What would Fr. Amorth say today?
My friend Betty from Life Tree sent out a message that should make every Catholic ask what is happening to the Pontifical Academy for Life (PAV). Pope Francis gutted the old organization which was filled with orthodox, pro-life Catholics and created a new academy filled with individuals committed to moral evils, among them those who advocate abortion and euthanasia (Nigel Biggar for one). Makes sense, eh, -- a Catholic organization that invites those advocating the devil's agenda to be members? Well, that is indeed the "new" strategy under Pope Francis where people like population control extremist Paul Ehrlich is invited to speak at conferences.

Here's Betty's email with my observations in red:
The message is changing at the PAV faster than a speeding bullet! Less than six months after Drs Kathy Foley and Daniel Sulmasy (George Soros Project on Death in America scholars) became new members the Pontifical Academy for Life read what is happening now! The Vatican is including more and more enemies of life in its conferences and in its academies. Most dicasteries at the Vatican can no longer be trusted to stand for Catholic truth.

This conference suggests that the new PAV may be preparing to give the green light to both the radical wing of the euthanasia movement which desires legal physician assisted suicide and the low profile wing which is institutionalizing the new field of palliative medicine to offer legal death services. Even the hint that this may be the case deserves our sincere and immediate attention. Please read the linked article and see how the new Academy is being used by pro-death forces to undermine the faith. Also, keep in mind that the pope scrapped the oath formerly take by members of the Pontifical Academy for Life to uphold the teachings of the Church on life issues.

It appears that Soros is using the PAV to implement his long term plan to legalize death control.

We offer some background thoughts. 
There is a the long time Soros connection to Catholic healthcare. To learn more please google "Soros" at Life Tree is an excellent source for uncovering the evil that is taking place in the palliative care movement which is becoming a "third path" to kill off the old and sick. One strategy is denial of treatment, the "death panels" in Obamacare. That is becoming mainstream. And the health insurance companies are eager to save money by denying things like hip and knee replacements to those of a certain age.

How many of you knew that Soros gave seed money in 1994 to start the Catholic coalition of healthcare organizations now known as Supportive Care Coalition? Soros money is funding a large number of evils around the globe. If someone has links to Soros money, like the two doctors mentioned above, they don't have your interests at heart!

Did you know that the policy arm of the low profile wing of the euthanasia movement in America known as Coalition to Transform Advance Care (C-TAC) has been using faith-based organizations including Catholic organizations to do this social re-engineering? C-TAC is all about training counselors to encourage people to refuse treatment except pain control which often becomes terminal sedation through the morphine drip even when the patient is not in pain.

We know you will call upon the Holy Spirit to protect the Catholic Church. Amen!

Elizabeth Wickham, PhD
Executive Director, LifeTree
PO Box 17301
Raleigh, NC, 27619

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