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Friday, November 17, 2017

The Soap Opera Continues: Accusations Collapse, Allred Stonewalls, and Women Rally for Judge Moore

Women rallied today for Judge Roy Moore at the
Alabama state capitol. Join all these women
in prayer for Alabama's Senate election and
for Judge Roy Moore.
Ah...what a soap opera! Makes you want to interview the script writer.

The former manager of the Gadsen Mall says he has no recollection of any ban on Roy Moore at the mall. But hey, the mainstream media tells us that "some people are saying" and "there are rumors" that he harassed teenage girls. Sounds like the Salem witch trials.

Think about it. Yes, Roy Moore dated older teens with the permission of their parents. He says he did. Why shouldn't he? At 27 St. Thomas More married Jane Colt who was only 17. The women say he occasionally hugged or kissed them. Wow! What a strange thing for a young man to do on a date!

I'm guessing that parents saw an assistant district attorney as a great catch if the relationship got serious and he proposed to their daughter. What's the big deal? One of my nieces dated a guy about a decade older than herself and married him.They have a five children and a great marriage! I know other young women who married older men. So what? How many Democrats are married to younger women? Remember when Sally Quinn (born in 1941) was the "other woman" and married Ben Bradlee, a man twenty years older after she ruined his first marriage? How many Democrats have any problem with that or the fact that Sally Quinn is a self-proclaimed witch? Selective outrage is so much fun.

Gloria Allred doesn't care if the yearbook
signature is a fraud because it's not about the
whether the accusation is true or not. It's about
politics and impacting the election!
She must be a Russian!
The only two charges that are salacious are turning out to be totally suspect. Gloria Allred  looked like a fool when she was interviewed by MSNBC. (The reporter did a good job.) She admitted she isn't sure about the yearbook "evidence," but she doesn't care if it's legit or not. She couldn't say whether Beverly Nelson saw Judge Moore sign the yearbook, didn't care enough to ask her. And she will only allow the yearbook to be examined by an independent expert at a Senate hearing!!

Huh? Why would the Senate hold a hearing on a man who's a private citizen and not in the Senate?

We know what that's all about. Stonewalling and preventing any proof that the signature is a forgery coming out before the election. She wants the judge on the defensive and wants to drag this out until the election to try to convince Alabama voters to deep-six Roy Moore. It's absolutely ridiculous to think the Senate would hold a hearing on the matter, but Allred assures us that a "former senator" told her they could do it. Talk about a sleaze lawyer. Give us a name, Gloria!

Allred's interview shows how disingenuous she is. The entire thing was an exercise in liberal activist Democrat stonewalling and smoke blowing.

Radio commentator, Mark Levin, made a great point about the original story. A couple of WAPO reporters go to Alabama and "just happen" to "hear" about how four teenagers 40 YEARS AGO who dated or were sexually harassed by Judge Moore. The women don't know each other, but somehow the reporters just happened to learn who they were, where they lived, etc. etc. And then they went and interviewed them -- after 40 YEARS mind you. Wow! What a detective act. Or maybe they visited a gypsy fortune teller or called Sally Quinn.

Levin also points to the hypocrisy of the Republican establishment who are giving traction to the story by piling on. These guardians of morality haven't said one word about George H. W. Bush groping women and girls. No comments from Mitch McConnell. No condemnation from John McCain. Not one word from Mitt Romney or Paul Ryan.

Mitch McConnell: the pathetic leader
of the Republican jackal pack!
Why not? Because Bush is a member of the establishment, neo-conservative old boys club (or should I say dirty-old-men's club). They have no reason to shine light on or condemn his despicable behavior even though he's admitted to it. There is nothing to be gained for them in criticizing George Bush. But they don't want Judge Moore anywhere near Capitol Hill! They can't control him. And if that means they need to participate in and advance the liberal smear they will gladly oblige.

It's all sickening and let's hope the Alabama voters treat this as it deserves -- by scooping the poop into the Washington Post and throwing it in the garbage.

Meanwhile, a large group of women held a press conference and rally at the Alabama State Capitol today to support Judge Moore. All the women know Judge Moore personally and all testified to his character. Several work full time in politics and mentioned how this same smear strategy is going on all over the country against conservative Republican candidates who can't be controlled by Mitch McConnell and the establishment. One woman criticized the "scorched earth" approach of McConnell and his Republican cronies. Remember when McConnell chortled saying, "We are going to crush [the tea party] everywhere?" He hates real conservatives and Roy Moore is targeted, not because he's done anything he's accused of, but because he dares to oppose the agenda of the political wonks in the Republican establishment. Watch the video below from the 23:30 point to see what the attack on Roy Moore really is -- a POLITICAL ASSASSINATION! And then get on your knees and pray for this good man.

The rally today was Moore's Clarence Thomas moment.  Remember when a panel of women who worked with Thomas came forward to testify to his character and challenge Anita Hill's lies? We're seeing history repeat itself The only things that have changed is that today the Democrats and establishment Republicans work together to destroy real conservatives. If you want to understand what is going on watch the Clarence Thomas hearings. It's deja vu!

These women aren't going to let Alabama be stolen by the swamp rats in Washington. They give an articulate and beautiful defense of Judge Moore and expose liberal reality politics that cares nothing for the truth and will use any despicable tactic to destroy a pro-life, Christian politician. God help us all if they succeed.

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M.T. said...

what an awesome video....worth every 47 minutes of it.... May God bless these courageous women and may the people in Alabama, but specially in the media stop politicizing this issue...the Washington Post is real trash.... and the accusers and the media are just so ready to fiercely fight for what will bring this country down ..... Let's pray that the swamp will be cleaned!