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Tuesday, November 7, 2017

It's election day -- PRAY HARD! And vote wisely.

Vote Ed Gillespie for governor and re-elect
Bob Marshall for State Delegate in Prince William!
Who will our nation elect today as our leaders? Will they be men of God or men of the world? (Note: to those who are already offended by my use of the word "men." I continue to use grammatically generic words, hence "men" refers to mankind or, if you prefer, humankind. Alas, the word "man" is also at the center of humankind.)

We have the power to influence who will lead us. Consider Proverbs 29:2:
When just men increase, the people shall rejoice: when the wicked shall bear rule, the people shall mourn.
There's been plenty of reason to mourn lately with the many acts of terror brought about by the divisive and violent laws and policies of our nation and the deliberate race-baiting and hate-mongering of the liberal left. Mother Teresa warned that the fruit of abortion is war. Can anyone deny that our nation is in the midst of a civil war of values?

Yesterday my husband was returning from a dentist appointment when a man pulled up behind him at a stop sign and began honking and giving him the finger. There was no apparent reason. Larry hadn't cut the guy off or done anything to provoke him, but he continued to tailgate Larry down Route 11 making the obscene gesture and honking. He was obviously enraged. Why? Probably because we have a "Choose Life" license plate on the car. Or perhaps he didn't like the "Keep Christ in Christmas" magnet on the back. Whatever the cause, there was clearly something wrong with that driver to lead him to attack a perfect stranger. Larry said he didn't react in any way. Hey, these days that could get you shot!

But that's where we are, sad to say.

If you live in Virginia please vote Ed Gillespie for governor against pro-abort pediatrician Ralph Northam. (Explain that, please. Where is the logic in supporting the murder of your future patients?) Northam deserves the boot! He's done nothing as Lieutenant Governor. Didn't turn up for meetings; ignored his duties. But he should lose especially for the offensive ad accusing people like you, readers, of trying to murder minority children! If you haven't seen the ad, click the link above. Note that Northam's campaign paid $62,000 to the Latino Victory Fund for media. Like Sergeant Schultz on Hogan's Heroes, he "knows nothing" about it. Is that true or did his campaign plan and authorize the ad in a way to allow plausible deniability?"

And pray hard for Bob Marshall in Prince William County who faces the LGBTQ juggernaut in his race against Dan(ica) Roem, the transgender, heavy-metal lead singer narcissist who wants to brainwash kindergartners about homosexuality. Crazy and evil times we live in, eh? But God still reigns in the lives of His people.


Dymphna said...

Poor Virginia. Although this is a large state we are held captive by the government workers, contractors and DNC affiliated lawyers in Northern Virginia.

Alan Holck said...

I wonder if we can get rid of Arlington, Alexandria, Fairfax, Pr Wm, Louden, & Herndon counties by giving them to Maryland? That would go a way toward solving the problem.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Amen to both of you. We are indeed in a pickle. Prayer and penance in order!