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Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Planned Parenthood Tells Client They Will "Break the Baby's Neck" if Born Alive

What kind of people work for this demonic organization? Pro-aborts used to lie and say the baby was "just a blob." Now, they freely admit it's a baby and  have no compunctions over murdering the little one after birth. Remember when Barack Obama voted against a bill in Illinois to protect babies born alive following abortion? Planned Parenthood and the Democrats are of one mind on this. They are part of the death culture's killing machine.

Thank God, this patient changed her mind. Fortunately, the shot meant to kill the baby (digoxin) apparently missed the target and the baby was still alive and active. Happy ending: Mom continued her pregnancy, the baby was born and is healthy and safe. God be praised!  Visit Pro-Life Action Ministries for more stories of saved babies.


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