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Tuesday, February 19, 2019

As the Vatican Turns: Latest Episode of the Church Sex Abuse Soap

The soap opera continues on Thursday with the opening of the four-day summit on clerical sex abuse. The fact that its announced focus is abuse of minors, a horrendous part of the picture but only part of the picture, is seriously problematic. Clerics engaged in consensual homosexual lust or superiors who pressure their underlings to participate in immoral acts need to be exposed. The root of the crisis no matter the age of the victims is pederasty, i.e, same sex (homosexual) acts.

Michael Matt of The Remnant is in Rome and will be reporting on the meeting. Stay tuned.

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elpine flower said...

More like "As the Stomach Turns".

On a more inspiring note let us remember recent 21 Christian martyrs.
See Who they called upon when they shed their blood.