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Friday, February 1, 2019

Todd Gilbert, Majority Leader of Virginia's House of Delegates, Shines Light on the Abortion Bill

Stop wringing your hands and get to work. It's time to start thinking about the next election cycle in Virginia or your own state. Overturning Roe v. Wade is NOT the only priority. Doing everything possible at the state level to protect the mother and encourage her to seriously consider her actions is imperative!

So what can you do? Pray and then act. Get involved in your state.Write a letter to the editor exposing the Democrats across the country and their murderous agenda. New York isn't the only state to have an extreme law and Virginia isn't the only state without one where Democrats are trying to remove all protections for the mother as well as the baby.  So write that letter. Send a donation to a pro-life legislator who's speaking out. Volunteer to campaign for him. Share Gilbert's interview on your Facebook page. Hammer the message of Democrat murderous extremism every chance you get. Silence is not an option if you truly care about God's law and the future of our country (the literal future, our children).

Pro-lifers predicted atrocities in 1973 when seven Supreme Court justices legislated from the bench with Roe v. Wade. We are seeing all the horror stories come to pass...and more: euthanasia, assisted suicide, infanticide.... The culture of death is in blitzkrieg mode. How will you respond?

Consider what the governor of Virginia, a pediatric neurologist, actually said:
“If a mother is in labor, I can tell you exactly what would happen. The infant would be delivered. The infant would be kept comfortable. The infant would be resuscitated if that’s what the mother and the family desired, and then a discussion would ensue between the physicians and the mother.”   Governor Ralph Northam
Think about that! Think of the "discussion" that "would ensue." Mom and the doctor look at the living newborn and decide whether or not the infant is worthy of continued life or should be neglected until death. After all, if you withhold care, the baby dies (as would any helpless person refused care) and I doubt a hungry baby would be "comfortable."

In his press conference yesterday Northam doubled down on his statements and accused the Republicans in Virginia of "playing politics" over women's "reproductive rights." He claimed that killing third trimester babies is only done in rare cases for grievous reasons. As I documented yesterday that is a damnable lie. Thousands of late term abortions are done every year on healthy babies for reasons that have NOTHING to do with fetal abnormality or the life of the mother. Listen to this conversation between a woman calling for an abortion at 30 weeks and the conversation with the employees.

So this doctor and facility are willing to kill a 30-week infant because the family has financial problems. That is not an unusual scenario.

There is absolutely NO MEDICAL REASON to do an abortion in the third trimester. (Actually, the vast majority of abortions at any point are done for social reasons.) Babies in the third trimester can be delivered early and live if the mom has a serious medical condition. A friend of my daughter just delivered her little son at less than 24 weeks and he is doing well in the NICU at a North Carolina hospital. Listen to this Ob/Gyn describe the New York bill:

Defend Life! And pray for the conversion of the modern Aztecs. We cannot continue on this barbaric path without consequences. God will not be mocked!


TLM said...

How can you even respond to this evil? There really are no words. Can't wrap your head around such evil....truly... This is INFANTICIDE plane and simple. They are advocating for murdering babies born alive! Can't get it through my head!

elpine flower said...

It strikes me as very odd that the woman who wrote this bill recoiled when the reality was spelled out to her.
I would ask just who or what power group not only inspired but encouraged her to do so?
Was there a pay out promised or a negative consequence for not doing this threatened?
Is CPUSA involved?

elpine flower said...

I realize PP receives big money though Grants and the Fed and that the Governor rec'd a big Campaign donation from Planned Parenthood, but who specifically is pushing this agenda ? It has to be a population control group.

Only N Korea , China and Canada allow for late term abortion.
Canada is Socialist ( one small step away from Communism ).
N Korea and China are communist countries.
What does this say about America? About the Democratic Party?

Chriss Rainey said...

There is another story in all this. Gov. Northam is on record as saying men should have no say in the actions of women when it comes to "their reproductive health."

No say over his own children?

How can such an attitude be embraced without at the sametime suggesting fathers are unnecessary. That men serve one purpose only, sperm production.

How can women demand that fathers are bound to financially support THEIR children and claim they have no say over whether they live or die?

Aqua said...

It's a whole new ball game when it can no longer be said: .my body, my choice".

Back and forth on that premise ... "But the *baby*!" "But my *body*!" (and repeate this endlessly).

Well, now *your body* is reclining over on one side of the room and this other crying object is bundled up, making noise on the other.

Tucker Carlson asks this evil NARAL spokeswoman, Monica Klein, about this new infanticide proposal (we should call it *baby killing* as the more descriptive), and she can only answer by returning to "My body, My choice".... even though this living "thing" (the precious infant baby) is no longer in the woman's body butt is struggling for life, there on the cold metal table *next to* the "woman's body". Her talking point is rendered invalid, and she is very frustrated that it is so. She plays all the old rhetorical tricks, that always worked so nicely for her before, and they don't work any more. See her, horns and all, here:

Their rhetorical ticks will change soon. I predict: "My body, My choice", will be replaced by "Only the lives worth living".

It is pure, grass fed, demonic, straight from the pit of Hell, horns and stinky sulfur, evil.

Roe Antinore said...

I just listened to this tape, Mary Ann. I am so totally disgusted with not only my friends and relatives that support this but with the doctors, nurses, healthcare personnel, intake personnel (like the one on the phone) and the mother's themselves who are willing to murder their children in the womb for social, economic, convenience or for that matter any reason. It just becomes so much more disgusting when you listen to something like this with this mother who after having two other healthy children is willing to murder her third child in her womb because it is not convenient to give it even a chance at life. She even states that "originally" she and her husband "wanted" the child but have changed their minds due to finances. Totally sad and disgusting.