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Wednesday, February 20, 2019

International Group of Lay Catholics Calls for Summit to Address Homosexuality

Read their statements. The Vatican cannot ignore the central issue in the abuse crisis without further undermining credibility with the faithful.

One of the presenters condemned the promotion of sex education by the Vatican. The way to destroy children is through sex ed programs and for the Vatican to become an active participant in programs that corrupt our children is diabolical.  If anything indicates the evil of the Vatican homosexual cabal, it is the stress on promoting sex education programs that rival Planned Parenthood. These programs groom children for abuse.

Another witness at the pre-summit meeting, Michael Matt of The Remnant had this to say:

All the speakers had useful statements to contribute. It is a blessing to have them all in Rome watchdogging the summit. Please pray for them and that the document coming out of this meeting isn't one more disgraceful manipulation like the Synods on the Family and the Vatican Youth Synod.

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elpine flower said...

This sounds like a positive move to me.
Fact..The Bishops in NJ lobbied for sex ed K-12 in the public schools under the direction of the late Bishop James McHugh of Camden Diocese and later, Rockville Ctr in NY.
How do I know?
I attended daily Mass in Our Lady of Fatima Chapel at Cistercian Monastery in Mt Laurel NJ as my mother did before me. Everyday Fr Angelo Bruni asked us to write to our State Reps in opposition to public education sex ed K-12. Finally he said no more. After Mass he waited for me and called me over to tell me the NJ Bishops lobbied for it and it passed.
Then McHugh ran what he called "Parent's Rights" meetings hosted by Dame of Malta Joyce Lively of his laughable pro life office. There parents and grand parents were urged to enroll in the Diocesan schools or ELSE their children would be subjected to condom handouts in the public schools ! I heard the entire pitch. Shamelessly he was the Prelate behind the push for sex ed !
Yes so called "Pro Life" McHugh the very same who was cozy with the March of Dimes , Siecus and Mary Calderone.
Now that Monastery is gone and the last monk returned to Italy.