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Thursday, February 21, 2019

The Coverup Continues: Cupich Says "Homosexuality is Not a Cause" of the Crisis.

Since Cupich promotes homosexuality, homosexuality surely can't be a "cause" of the crisis, can it? And really, the crisis is over! "We've dropped dramatically the number" of minor abuse victims. It's all about "opportunity" not homosexuality. (Oh...and we just won't address "age-appropriate" consensual sex among clergy even when it involves superiors pressuring inferiors for sexual favors.) As for the idea that high level clerics have enabled and covered up the abuse. Horrors! That is all only a "hypothesis" and hypotheses have to be proven.

Just a hypothesis, Your Excellency, really? There is so much evidence of magisterial cover-up it boggles the mind that you could make that claim with a straight face. Well, we are getting what we expected from this latest Vatican circus aren't we. The abuse crisis will be spun as a crisis of clericalism and opportunity. Think the laity will buy it? Or have the suckers finally pulled the curtain back on the fraudulent show and its showman-in-chief?

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