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Tuesday, February 19, 2019

The New World Order and the Dethronement of Christ the King: It's the REVOLUTION!

In the video at the end of this post, Michael Matt exposes the connections between the secular efforts to bring about a one world order and the infiltration of the Church by that same "spirit of the antichrist." It's well worth the 20 minutes spent watching.

I'm re-reading 1984 at present and it is chilling to realize how close we are to the reign of Big Brother vs. the reign of Christ the King. When you hear the expression, "the brotherhood of man," ask yourself what those who call for this brotherhood of "love" really have in mind. In the world of 1984, language was inverted and often meant the exact opposite. The Ministry of Love was the organization responsible for torturing and murdering those who committed "thoughtcrime," "facecrime," and refused to embrace "doublespeak" which required believing two opposite ideas simultaneously. At the Ministry of Truth, lies abounded. History was altered daily to fit the policy of the moment. Isn't this what we are seeing from Democrats on a regular basis? As the 1984 mottos stated, "War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, and Ignorance is Strength."

We are living in the 1984 world and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez represents the "thought police." She attacks all those who believe in the America of our grandparents. She is the icon for the party of Big Brother that encourages social media giants (YouTube, Twitter, Google, Facebook), all of which are rabidly leftist, to suppress opposing ideas as hate speech and restrict the reach of conservative groups like Prager U. The left cheers for the censorship of all views opposing their agenda.

If you take Prager University as an example of targeted speech, you can see why the left wants to censor and shut them up so badly.  Visit their website, Sixty percent of their viewers are under 35. God help the "progressive" agenda if millennials wise up and reject their lies! The left's bias is so blatant and pervasive that media giants ignore violent threats against conservatives while conservatives are blocked for innocuous "violations" of their "standards."

Don't underestimate the enemy. He prowls about the world like a ravenous lion. He also often wears the mask of compassion and concern for others.  We need to recognize the conspiracy of evil being directed by Satan that includes evil people in both the Church and the state. Conspiracy means "to breathe together." It doesn't require bad men meeting in underground bunkers to plan world domination to be a conspiracy. It simply requires many different groups and people to embrace the evil mind of Lucifer who plants ideas of a world "Utopia" that can be brought about by men (and women) like those leading the left.

Faithful Catholics are called to work for the reign of Christ the King! There will NEVER be a worldly Utopia united under one-world religion. There will never be "peace" as the world defines it. Satan is called the "prince of this world." How can the battle not rage until Christ returns?

Pope Francis who says God "wills" the diversity of religions trivializes the sacrifice of the martyrs who devoted their lives to the conversion of those following false religions and embracing heresies. He chooses friends and allies who are enemies of Christ and his Church. All one has to do is look at his actions as he elevates the worst members of the hierarchy to positions of power while he punishes and sidelines those who defend Christ's truth.

Let us pray and make novenas seeking the intercession of all the courageous souls who met gruesome deaths for refusing to abandon the one true faith, that faith that is under daily assault.

Viva Cristo Rey!


Chriss Rainey said...

Thank you, Mary Ann. The video is STUNNING! No other words to describe it.

This is without a doubt a pivotal moment in time. It would be easy to bury our heads and ignore the signs, but we must take advantage of our recognition of evil to better prepare ourselves for what lies ahead.

We also need to take a serious second look at the Catechism promoted by John Paul II, which I have felt for a while contains the seeds of this "new world order" in some of its commentary about social issues.

All it takes is a seed to bring on total destruction.

Susan Matthiesen said...

The one world religion will be Islam. Islam and only Islam. Islam is its purest murderous form. The One World Religion crowd are fools to think otherwise.

Thinking otherwise shows that they do not know satan when he is staring them in the face - or sitting across the table signing documents. Did it make you wonder what the Arabic document said? Did the pope check?

Elizabeth D. Wickham said...

Dear Mary Ann,

It all ties together --- One religion and One healthcare system.

As you know, for many years LifeTree has been warning about today's palliative care because it has become the vehicle for the moderate euthanasia movement. We were concerned that the catechism promoted palliative care as "disinterested charity" and that popes were quick to promote palliative centers throughout the world. The trouble became more obvious when in 2017 Pope Francis approved the appointment of two Soros scholars to the Pontifical Academy for Life. Soros and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation have pumped tens or even hundreds of millions into strategies to control death including palliative medicine.

Last year the Pontifical Academy for Life, in conjunction with the Secretariat of State and the Dicastey for Laity, Family and Life launched the PAL-Life Program with the theme "Palliative Care: Everywhere and by Everybody." In other words the Catholic Church is helping institutionalize palliative medicine officially into global healthcare to become the standard of care for those who are targeted with multiple chronic conditions, serious disease, disabilities and simply elderly and who require complex care.

Please help warn people that today's palliative care is not what they think it is and that they should not be assured of life affirming treatment by a palliative care team.

Any questions? Please see the contact page us by going our website at

Elizabeth D. Wickham, PhD