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Wednesday, February 6, 2019

State of the Union and the Selfish Women in White

"Democrats for Infanticide!" or maybe "No Baby Left Unmurdered"  ought to be slogans for the Democrat women in white at last night's State of the Union. They high-fived and cheered for themselves when Trump talked about advances for women. Like happy, clappy little narcissists they only care about what benefits them.

They sat in stony, stiff and cold silence when President Trump spoke for the babies. How many are mothers in that group? Where is their compassion and concern for the most innocent and helpless among us? Can anyone believe they care about the born when they so happily support the murder by neglect of newborns?

If you want to see the face of evil, look at the faces of the women in white, who like their Klan forbears would happily lynch black babies, white babies, hispanic babies....all babies if their mothers want them dead.

Not all Democrats have verbalized their support for abortion like Mario Cuomo and Ralph Northam, but the party platform is clear. Abortion is their sacrament and even infanticide isn't too extreme for their agenda.

When the Senate introduced a bill Monday under the unanimous consent rule to require treatment for babies born following abortion, Patty Murray (D-WA) opposed it which killed it. No surprise. Murray, after all, stood for the party of Barack Obama who was on record in Illinois of opposing the Born Alive Act. Today, Democrats are more and more strident in their insistence that babies targeted for abortion MUST BE KILLED -- even if they are born alive. It's what the mom and the doc want and it's her "right to choose"infanticide. Tell that to abortion survivor Gianna Jessen and others who managed to escape the abortionist's gauntlet.

And now we approach the next hurdle. What makes anyone think a woman's "right to choose" will be restricted to the baby immediately after birth? How about at 48 hours or a week or one year? What possible difference is there between those babies except size?

The liberal left wants lifetime abortion. Their support for euthanasia and assisted suicide open the floodgates to permit killing people at any stage of life. This is what pro-lifers predicted in 1972 when seven men on the Supreme Court legislated abortion for the nation. Today we see the ripe fruit of that decision.

Pray for our poor country and for our president. He showed once again that he has a heart: for the working people of our country, minorities who are doing better under his administration than they have for years, for the unborn (including minorities TARGETED for death by elite liberals), and for all the people of the United States.

Our Lady of America, pray for us!


Susan Matthiesen said...

The Democrats new slogan is "Kill!Kill!!KILL!!!"

elpine flower said...

Democrats are the Party of Murder

Chriss Rainey said...

Thank you for continuing to point out the fact there were only 7 sitting justices on the court when Roe v. Wade was decided in Supreme Court.

Read the book, " Abuse of Discretion," by Clark Forsythe. Excellent book. This should be read by all who defend life. Very very readable history of this progressive power grab from traditional moral Christians in this country.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

I haven't read the book, Chriss and that's not what I was saying. According to the decision itself, this was the disposition of the NINE judges, six concurring with Blackmun and two dissenting:

BLACKMUN, J., delivered the opinion of the Court, in which BURGER, C. J., and DOUGLAS, BRENNAN, STEWART, MARSHALL, and POWELL, JJ., joined. BURGER, C. J., post, p. 207, DOUGLAS, J., post, p. 209, and STEWART, J., post, p. 167, filed concurring opinions. WHITE, J., filed a dissenting opinion, in which REHNQUIST, J., joined, post, p. 221. REHNQUIST, J., filed a dissenting opinion, post, p. 171.

There have been many "power grabs" by the court. Dred Scott certainly. The states unfortunately have not resisted and the Congress, which has the power to limit the Supreme Court's over-reach, never does. We are rapidly becoming an oligarchy ruled by a handful of judges who legislate from the bench.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Here's the link to the decision:

geoff kiernan said...

I saw the images of the democrat women,stoney faced in response to Trumps urge to ban infanticide. Those images will come back to haunt them. Probably one of the most defining moments in recent American political history

Susan Matthiesen said...


elpine flower said...

How apt Susan ! Here's another.......