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Sunday, February 24, 2019

Buzz Words and Obfuscation at the Vatican Summit: The Roman Sideshow Closes

Life Site News reporter Diane Montagna and CNN's Delia Gallagher ask the million dollar questions.

Note how the Archbishop Scicluna emphasizes that Montagna's question about homosexuality is not about the "sexual abuse of minors." question!

This is why they wanted to limit the summit to minors -- it allowed them to continue the cover up of the homosexual subculture in the Church. Note also that not one word at the summit was addressed to the USCCB meeting last November and the agenda of the bishops. We were told their proposals would be addressed at the meeting...just WAIT! Well, we waited and we have nothing but more of the sickening same that we've seen since the bishops' Dallas meeting in 2002. They continue to blow smoke and fiddle while the Church burns. Oh...but they promise now (FINALLY?) they will "radically listen" to the abused and the outraged laity. Really? We've heard it all before. And we've seen them twist the crisis to blame the laity. They did it with their safe touch programs and, once again, the pope, in his final speech to the summit, reminded us all that the majority of abuse happens in families. Talk about deflecting! Wasn't the summit addressing sex abuse of minors by CLERGY?

One Mad Mom is not impressed with the outcome and had plenty to say about the "irrelevance" of the sideshow!
This laughable “Meeting on the Protection of Minors” kicked the can down the road even before they started downplaying all expectations that they would be able to do anything (not that we expected anything). We’ve ignored a HUGE chunk of the problem for decades! Why start now? 
We are told that by liberal mouthpiece Massimo Faggioli, as seen here, that it’s all our fault due to “clericalism”. You, ladies and gentlemen, all need to apologize for the abuse crisis. You treated your priests with a little too much trust and reverence. And believe me, Massimo is not the only one to try and float this idea, just the latest.
I'll close with Michael Matt's summary of the meeting. Don't hold your breath waiting for action, but do take action yourself by boycotting your bishop's Lenten Appeal. Personally, my husband and I are diverting our donation to the FSSP seminary in Lincoln. We want to support the formation of priests.


elpine flower said...

The tap dance was sad to watch but not unexpected.

Chriss Rainey said...

It will be interesting to see how much the faithful will withdraw in financial support from bishops this year.

I hope it dries us by such a significant amount their heads spin. I hope they come to understand we no longer want what they are selling.

Simple economics.

Who actually believes the money is "well spent" in the first place?