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Sunday, February 3, 2019

Why Do They Want Northam to Resign as Governor of Virginia?

Is Justin Fairfax the
Democrats' great black hope?

Ah pragmatism....Marxists (and Fascists) are experts at it. They use you up and spit you out when your usefulness has ended. The purge is on in Virginia and Governor Northam has become both a liability and an embarrassment to the ruling elite of the Democrat party.

Why, you ask, would Planned Parenthood (who spent $2 million to get Northam elected) and NARAL throw poor Ralphie under the bus? He embraces child-killing with gusto! And why would Nancy Pelosi and company all chant in unison for his resignation when he is oh-so-dependable at following every extreme position on the Dems' menu? Hey, even the homo advocacy group, the Human Rights Campaign, is calling for Northam's resignation despite his unqualified support for their agenda. Talk about a juggernaut of destruction against a faithful radical liberal!

Why are they crucifying poor Ralph?

Let me explain it to you in two word: Justin Fairfax.

Want a dream candidate? Fairfax is young, handsome, articulate, and,....get ready for Not only is he black, but he's the descendant of slaves. And he has the documents to prove it. His great-great-great grandfather, Simon Fairfax, was a Virginia slave freed in 1798. (You didn't know any slaves were freed before the "Great Emancipator" came along, did you?) Not to mention that Fairfax is as liberal a Democrat as you could possibly ask for: pro-abortion through all nine months (and beyond), pro gay, pro Obamacare, pro-all things radically "progressive."  Just the thought of him waiting in the wings to push Northam off the stage makes Democrats salivate like Pavlov's dogs.

So don't be in a hurry to see Northam resign. It may be a stepping stone for Fairfax and the Democrats who are likely grooming him to be the next black president of the United States. Let's face it, Democrats love to get the blacks on their modern plantation to help accomplish their goal of black genocide. Check out


rohrbachs said...

Yes. And Gillespie took the first fall for Fairfax, failing to find that picture.

Restore-DC-Catholicism said...

Hmmm. So once again it is demonstrated that NARAL et al really have no real principles. This makes perfect sense.

Unknown said...

Another painful fact: Fairfax went to a Catholic High School in the suburbs of D.C., where he was more than adequately prepared for this "mission." I'm now for Northam staying on....we could use a nice "handicapped" Democratic governor in Virginia.....

Unknown said...

Are you aware of this post?

Unknown said...

Gillespie had the pics and didn't use them. Typical establishment millionaire (all of it made as a lobbyist).

Northam should stay to prove 1) Dems are the Bobby Byrd Grand Cyclops racist party and 2) INFANTICIDE is the agenda of the Party of Death

Fr. VF said...

The bishops will LOVE doing their part to advance Fairfax's career. Immigrants vote 80% pro-abortion. That's the main way the bishops have helped destroy the pro-life movement in about ten states--and counting.

Then, there's the bishops' favorite tactic: bashing Catholic who are "anti-abortion but not truly pro-life."

"Seamless Garment"="vote for pro-abortion Democrats"

"Consistent Ethic of Life"="vote for pro-abortion Democrats"

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Yes, Father, the bishops are doing more to undermine the faith than anti-Catholics have ever done. God help them on Judgment Day! But then I'm not sure some of them believe in God! They certainly don't seem to believe in hell.

Mike Hadro said...

Mary Ann,
Getting rid of Gov. "Coonman" may only open Pandora's box. See link from Bob Marshall attached.Stanford Fellow Hints At Possible Justin Fairfax Sex Assault - Big League Politics
Bob Marshall
Mon 2/4/2019 7:30 AM

Stanford Fellow Hints At Possible Justin Fairfax Sex Assault - Big League Politics
A woman named Vanessa Tyson, who is a fellow at Stanford University, says that a man who allegedly sexually assaulted her at the 2004 Democratic National Convention is now an office-holder about to get a “very big promotion,” according to a screenshot provided by a tipster.

Mike H

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

I saw that from Bob. I'm making another batch of popcorn! Fairfax says the Washington Post investigated and didn't find anything so he is definitely innocent. Not like the Kavanaugh road show or the attack on the Covington boys, eh?

Chriss Rainey said...

Oh, what tangled webs they weave.