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Tuesday, February 12, 2019

How Sad: To live in a time when a grocery store owner has more sense than most of our bishops!

See more at "Heaven has a wall."  And if you want to leave a message, visit the Facebook page. Next time we head to Texas we plan to stop and shop at Mac's. I wish they had an online store! A big thank you to Christian store owner Reggie McDaniel. He says he wasn't being political. He wants people to think about the most important journey of all. We should all ask ourselves, "Where is my spiritual 'migration' taking me?" Am I headed for the walled city on the hill? Or am I headed for the very hot plains of Babylon with its open borders?


Susan Matthiesen said...

Every store, every building has a wall serving as its border and a front door serving as the gate. We are all the immigration officers of our own homes, keeping out intruders and uninvited people, while letting in legals - those we choose to invite into our homes.

In order to live their lives as an example of their policies, Nancy Pelosi and all the Left should live in pole barns or under carports. Possibly a snowflake somewhere could design various pole houses. Pelosi could live with all her vast fortune of beds and dressers, desks and stainless steel kitchen appliances, jewelry, clothing, paintings, etc, in a pole house with no walls. She would be able to keep her possessions for...about 5 minutes. How long would she sleep peacefully in her open air bed before being raped or killed? Zero minutes, because she would never sleep peacefully without her walls and alarm system to alert her to intruders.

Elementary schools in the county where I live have high wire fences around them (the poor children...going to school in cages!) assumedly to keep predators from taking children. Hmmm... wonder what would happen if someone started a "Tear Those Wire School Fences Down! campaign. (The official answer is to keep children from wandering off.) In reality the wire fences are there to keep the school from being sued should a child either wander off, get kidnapped or the wrong parent pick up his or her child.

Mary's Child Mariann said...

AMEN! It is clearly a lol followed by that longing of, if only our Bishops, our Pope, our Parishioners, our Church, our city, our state, our Country had as much sense...
God bless and your family this day and always!

Aqua said...

"He wasn't being political. He wants people to think about making the most important journey of all."

*That* is a gold plated statement of encouragement to every Christian.

Everything in life is *not* about politics and controlling the narrative stream for advantage.

Everything in life *is* about gaining glory for God and winning souls for His Kingdom. To be in love is to be consumed by one's Beloved.

You are right: the Bishops do not understand. They are ground-bound. Too bad. This grocer fellow gets it. Take hope where it may be found.