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Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Hope you got a large popcorn: The Virginia show is turning into a triple feature!

The Three Stooges: Mark Herring, Ralph Northam, and Justin Fairfax
Ya just gotta laugh at the Virginia road show featuring the three stooges! Ralph Northam (the guv), Justin Fairfax (the assistant guv), and Mark Herring (the AG) are now all flapping in the wind hoisted on their own petards. (I explained that expression here.)

Ralphie got the Jack the Ripper treatment first when his med school yearbook photo turned up showing two fellas, one in blackface and the other in KKK attire. The media frenzy was a great distraction from Ralph's disastrous comments about killing off full term aborted babies born alive. The Dems don't mind doing it, they just don't want a Democrat in a purple state saying so. Cuomo in New York is no problemo. Dems have that loony state sewn up tight. Virginia, on the other hand, still has enough sane citizens to turn our increasingly purple state back to red, at least potentially.

Next feature was Justin, the assistant guv,  exposed (no pun here) when a woman accused him of forcing her head down into his crotch to perform oral sex during the 2004 Democrat National Convention. He says it was consensual; she says it was sex abuse. What do you think? Will the same Democrats who swallowed every accusation out of Christine Ford against Brett Kavanaugh now trash "me too" Vanessa Tyson? Both parties have hired the lawyer teams from the Kavanaugh circus.

What a show!

So can Justin Fairfax survive this? Bill Clinton managed to get away with about a thousand "bimbo eruptions." Maybe Justin can get some advice from him and Hillary the fixer. We'll see.

And then for the next installment -- along comes Attorney General Mark Herring's blackface scandal. After telling Northam to step down, it turns he, uh, did the same thing! He too dressed up in blackface as a UVA student. Oh...but he is sooooooo sorry. No doubt he's also sorry for his utter hypocrisy on calling out the guv. What an irony when you act like a snake and end up biting your own tail.

Question is, how are the Dems who crucified Northam going to handle the ongoing scandal and retain any credibility at all? ( was wrong for the guv, but we can't have all three Dems resign because the next one in line to be governor is.......shrieking sounds......a REPUBLICAN), Virginia House Speaker, Kirk Cox.

This is all so deliciously hilarious! My poor popcorn maker is about to bust a fuse! Stay tuned. It's better than the old Flash Gordon serials at the movies when I was a kid. Welcome to Virginia's live version of The Colgate Comedy Hour.


Oakes Spalding said...

This is the best summary, yet, of that freak show. Thank you, I think. :)

geoff kiernan said...

Three gooses.... or should that be geese (insert laughing face with tears, here)

Susan Matthiesen said...

Steve Heretic? (1:40) I wonder if he's a Catholic.

elpine flower said...

MaryAnn, this is important but slightly off topic..

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