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Thursday, November 11, 2021

Are Your Doctors Sending You This Type of Message? It's Disinformation!

Make sure you eat only vaccinated turkey this Thanksgiving and give out masks and info
 to your guests about where they can get their booster shots. Be sure to have guests sit 6 feet apart!

I received this from My Chart INOVA today. My interior fact checker is working on overdrive. See my comments in red:

COVID Booster Shots Available Now [Darn right, gotta keep those big pharma CEOs raking in the moola. How many progressed from being millionaires to billionares in the past two years?]

Stay safe this holiday season by getting your COVID-19 booster vaccine. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommends boosters for all three available COVID-19 vaccines.
COVID-19 Vaccines are Safe and Effective [Really? That's not what the independent scientific data is showing. How many young people have died from myocarditis? Why are emergency rooms seeing more and more sick people from all illnesses with the vaccinated sicker than the unvaccinated? The vax destroys your immune system! Don't just read the article; read the studies. Check out Dr. Mercola's article here.]

Once you are vaccinated your risk of dying from COVID-19 is dramatically reduced. [If you believe this you aren't watching anything but government press conferences and the mainstream media.]

Once you are vaccinated your risk of being hospitalized for COVID-19 is dramatically reduced. [Ditto above comment.]

Over 300 million shots have been given so far. [300 million damaged immune systems.]

You can’t get COVID-19 from the vaccine. [The jabbed may not get COVID from the vax, but they carry as much viral load as the unjabbed infected with COVID. They can transmit it to others and I'm pretty sure my husband and several friends who went out to dinner with a vaxed couple caught it from them, because every person at the table except the two who recovered from COVID got sick within the next few days.]

There are no known deaths from the COVID-19 vaccine. [Yeah! And Bill Clinton never had sex with that woman. It all depends on your definitions. So what's your definition of "known deaths?" wink wink!]

COVID Vaccination for Children 5-11. [This is absolutely insane since children have an almost zero chance of dying from COVID.]

The FDA has approved the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine for children age 5-11. The Virginia Department of Health will hold several pediatric COVID-19 vaccine clinics in the Lord Fairfax Health district over the next month. Parents are also encouraged to check with their pediatricians and local pharmacies for access to pediatric vaccines.

Check our website regularly for updates on pediatric vaccine availability at our clinics.

Preparing for Your Booster Vaccination

Wear short sleeves or a shirt that provides easy access to your upper arm before arrival
Bring your vaccination card, and be aware that you must be at least six months from the 2nd dose to receive a Pfizer or Moderna, and two months from your first/only J&J dose.

You may not be able to get the vaccine if you:

Are currently having COVID-19 symptoms
Have had a severe allergic reaction that required medical intervention
Are allergic to any component of the COVID-19 vaccine

To get a COVID-19 booster vaccine, contact your provider or click here to schedule an appointment. [And be prepared to get a booster shot every few months. Some of those big pharma CEOs need college tuition for their kids, not to mention new yachts and vacation homes.]

Visit our website for more information about the COVID-19 vaccines. [I think they mean if you want more mis-information about the vaccines. No thanks, My Chart. I'm doing my own research and don't believe most of what's in this message. You all need to stop getting your medical training from the pharmacy reps visiting your office and Dr. Fauci the faux scientist who helped create the virus and make it more dangerous.]


Trg said...

Like your comments.

Praypraypray said...

Thank you very much for exposing the truth.
My husband and I were scratching our heads over this directive regarding…
“You may not be able to get the vaccine if you:

Are allergic to any component of the COVID-19 vaccine”

How are people/children supposed to know if they are allergic to any components of the Covid-19 “vaccine”, if no one is allowed to see the ingredients!?!
One ethical, long time pharmacist was fired from her job for not giving the Covid-19 shot. She said that the ingredients list paper for the Covid shots was marked in big, bold letters, “INTENTIONALLY BLANK”!!! She had morals and said that she could NOT, in good conscience, give a shot of unknown substance to family, friends, neighbors, or anyone!
Thanks be to God, that brave whistleblower pharmacist warned others NOT to give the Covid shot of unknown ingredients to anyone, since they will be held responsible for their actions, one day!
Also, a responsible, diligent German doctor tried to help her sick patients who had come for help after having received the Covid shots from the various drug companies, Pfizer, J & J, Moderna, etc. She was trying to find a solution to help them, so she looked at their blood samples and was shocked at what she saw. The seasoned doctor and her seasoned doctor colleagues had NEVER EVER seen such blood samples in all of their years in the medical field. They were actually scared for their patients after viewing the blood samples. Here’s a link so you can see the photos of the blood samples…
Those same German doctors are warning others against the Covid-19 shot. They are emphatically telling other doctors that they must do their due diligence and look at the blood samples of their patients who have received the Covid-19 shots, so they can see for themselves.
It’s sad, because so many people just don’t want to see the truth, today. Many are in denial, because they’re afraid and cannot handle the truth. Also, some arrogant people do not want to learn the truth about the deadly Covid-19 shots, because they’ve already invested in or pushed the Covid-19 shot or got it themselves. They want to put their heads in the sand. Some people who profit greatly from the Covid-19 shot often mock or try to belittle or even threaten those top doctors and scientists who are trying to get the truth out about the deadly Covid shots.
Whatever the case, “No man is so blind as he who refuses to see.”
At some point, the truth will come out for people to see and those who denied it or suppressed it will feel the heavy weight of that truth, especially when they see how many lives, especially children’s lives, were snuffed out due to the evil Covid-19 shot of death.