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Saturday, November 13, 2021

Propaganda and Brainwashing Kids: It's What the Public Schools Do!

Don't believe your eyes and ears; just keep telling yourself this girl is a guy!

My dad was career navy. Our last home was in Elkridge, MD in Howard County. So when I
read this article about a Howard County English teacher using a transgender video in a middle school English class (8th grade), my ears perked up. 

My Son’s English Teacher Showed a Transgender Activist’s Video in Class. Here’s What I Did Next.

I wasn't surprised, Maryland has been a leader in lunacy for years. Nevertheless, I was appalled! Really? 13 and 14 year olds need to listen to woman who thinks she's a man talk about how transgenders have sex and "Have they had the surgery yet?" What kind of teacher engages in this kind of brainwashing? Obviously one trained in the John Dewey inspired teacher colleges who don't care about education, only indoctrination. 

If you aren't familiar with John Dewey, here's just one quote from the godless atheist. (I know, that's redundant.):

“There is no God and no soul. Hence there are no needs for props of traditional religion. With dogma and creed excluded, then immutable truth is also dead and buried. There is no room for fixed, natural law or permanent absolutes....Teaching children to read is a great perversion and a high literacy rate breeds destructive individualism....the child does not go to school to develop individual talents but rather are prepared as ‘units’ in an organic society....The change in the moral school atmosphere...are not mere accidents, they are the necessities of the larger social evolution.”

"Immutable truth" is dead. The truth that each person is born biologically male or female can be tossed out the window in favor of "gender fluidity," an insane, delusional unreality. And all those woke, brainwashed recent teacher graduates who swallowed the kool-aid can take little minds and distort them as much as their minds were distorted by others. 

 Here's a bit from the article written by a career Army officer whose wife is a teacher's assistant in elementary school:

In the video, [Jackson] Bird [who is obviously a woman despite whatever male hormones she's taking] asserts that it is only awkward being trans because all of us uneducated rubes do not understand what it is like to be trans. Biological realities are simply our misconceptions, denying that gender can be misassigned at birth.

“When you come out as trans,” Bird says in the video, “you have to face the misconceptions that will color other people’s impressions of you, even after you’ve educated them.”

There you have it: A trans activist is now in charge of my son’s eighth-grade English lesson.

Affirmation is the only acceptable way to address the transgender issue, and you must use a trans individual’s preferred pronouns as soon as you are told the person’s new name and pronouns, Bird says during the talk filmed before a small, mostly quiet audience.

I am a career Army officer. My wife works as a teaching assistant in an elementary school. We make a practice of reviewing the health lessons at our son’s middle school, but naively never thought to look at English lessons. We were surprised by this “lesson” openly advocating the LGBTQ+ agenda and using a trans activist’s propaganda speech disguised as English instruction.

The author goes on to describe the players -- the pusher [the district director of curriculum], the patsy [the teacher], and the unwitting accomplice [the principle]:

In the role of pusher is the district’s director of the English language arts curriculum. The patsy is played by the fully indoctrinated teacher, a young woman straight out of the higher education system. And the unwitting accomplice is none other than our principal.

This cast of characters illustrates why it is so hard to stop the blatant indoctrination of our kids at schools.

Our pusher sits on high and dreams up ways to create new lesson plans to be shipped down to the patsy teacher, who will happily carry the message down to your kids too. The pusher is active in all fronts of kids’ education; our pusher helped craft the Howard County Public School System’s “Educational Equity” policy, “LGBTQIA+ Youth” policy, and creative events celebrating the small minority who aren’t heterosexual, such as HOCO Pride 2021.

These parents ended up opting their son out of future classes discussing "sensitive" topics and he plans to organize parents for future school board elections. But that clearly will not solve the problem. The next election isn't until 2024. The public schools are hell-bent (and I choose those words deliberately) on controlling the mind and hearts of children. That's how you control the future. A parent fighting can certainly witness to the truth, but how many parents are paying enough attention to fight? Hopefully more, by the grace of God, will wake up to the reality that they are sending their children into an antagonistic battlefield every day when they go to school. At least arm them and provide back up like this dad did. No doubt he is also talking to his son at home and teaching how to be a culture warrior. We need more of them! May the patron saints of educators and warriors inspire the battalions!


Susan Matthiesen said...

Let's see here.....She read Harry Potter books where she was encouraged to "be yourself", she got a paid job for 5 years with the Harry Potter Alliance where she ended up as communications director, she has published books, been on TV, in the newspapers, on the Internet, given a TED talk (which was the classroom video) and has a YouTube channel. All that in less than 30 years. A millennial, of course. Unless she's a Gen Zer. Whatever.

That speaks of tons of money behind the demonic transgender agenda. This girl was living in a fantasy Harry Potter world and too morally weak (is she a Catholic?...probably so) to refuse her "15 minutes of fame" offered to her by demonic forces, after which, when her usefulness to the agenda is finished, she will be cast aside and left an empty used-up shell of the person she was meant to be by God.

She's a repulsive militant soldier for Satan and we're all supposed to "act normal" around her and all transgender people because Satan needs to be normalized in our midst. That is, evil must be on equal standing as goodness. However, evil being "equal", as evil as that would be, doesn't really want equality. No, evil wants wants to be seen and accepted as better than goodness, overtake goodness...bury goodness and morality under all the filth because Satan of course wants to be glorified instead of God.

newguy40 said...

I used to have many many on line discussions with teachers about their lack of rights when it comes to anything other than fundamental RRR's. Many a time I was told that the teachers job is to teach life lessons as well as RRR. And, of course, this includes sex. Sex education is solely and completely the purview of the parents followed by trusted family members and certainly not the CA public schools. I dont bother anymore. Teachers believe that they have more access rigths to your children that you do. I still recommend Humanae Vitae to all parents looking for how to be good parents. The holy father was a prophet in that regard, IMO.

Jewel said...

Quietly organize offline. Reach out to other parents at the school board meetings and get information. Noncompliance is the stage we should be at.